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If you are lucky enough to share your life with a furry dog ​​and you want to offer them the best, you need to inform yourself as much as possible about many aspects of their needs. For example, we always like play with our dogs but, ¿are we aware of what things we can give them to play with and what not? Just as there are ideal toys according to the character of each dog and their age, there are many others that are not at all suitable at any time in the lives of our friends, although it may seem so at first glance..

For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we are going to discuss toys not recommended for dogs. Thus, we will help you avoid possible accidents and scares, which your faithful friend will greatly appreciate..

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  1. Why are toys important for our dogs?
  2. Unspecified toys for dogs
  3. Stuffed animals and dolls
  4. Throwing toys made of rope
  5. Flying discs or frisbees
  6. Tennis and golf balls
  7. Toys too small for our dog
  8. Very worn or broken toys
  9. Home objects

Why are toys important for our dogs?

For our dogs it is like for us, we need entertainment. Sometimes they do not need an object to get this entertainment, because playing with each other or with someone is enough for them. But, toys always enrich the game and make it more fun and different.

There are many benefits that a simple toy brings to our dog, for example helps a good mental and physical development, but we must be well informed about what types of dog toys are the most appropriate in each case.

Next, we will tell you and detail which are the toys and objects used as toys that are really not suitable for our faithful companions.

Unspecified toys for dogs

It may seem silly but many times we do not think about it, the toys that our dog uses must be specifically marked for dogs or cats. ¿What can happen, for example, if our faithful friend plays with a children's toy?

In this case it will depend completely on the type of toys for children that our dog has available, but if for example there are pieces like in Lego games, it is quite likely, especially if it is about giddy puppies, that playing and jumping our dog has scare and choke on a piece. Or, there are many other toys that can be suitable for different ages of children that can be dangerous for our dog, such as board games, experiment packs and kits, puzzles.

In this sense, you should treat your dog like a baby, since most toys that are suitable for babies can be suitable for our dog, although it is still not the best option, as it is always better to choose a toy specified for dogs. . For all this, if our young son lives with our dog, it will be a good way to help him understand the importance of order at home..

Stuffed animals and dolls

In this case it happens exactly the same, if the stuffed animal or doll is not specific for dogs, we risk that that stuffed animal, bought in a toy store or similar, whether for children or not, carries dangerous components for the health of our dog.

The stuffing of the stuffed animals is something important to take into account, because if for example it is stuffed with polystyrene balls, that stuffed animal constitutes a danger. In addition, the accessories that the doll may have, for example the eyes, if they are not sewn with thread and therefore are a glued or sewn piece of plastic, it is very likely that our dog will end up tearing them while playing and it is possible that they are swallow inadvertently. Whenever we suspect that our furry faithful has swallowed something that he shouldn't, we should go to veterinary emergencies sooner.

Throwing toys made of rope

At first, this type of toy is beneficial since it greatly strengthens our dog, entertaining him and being able to share it with other dogs to play, in addition to cleaning his teeth in the same way as when we floss. But we must watch because the strands of the rope end up unhooking or undoing and our dog many swallows easily.

In principle, what usually happens in these cases is that we see the residue of the rope in the feces and nothing has happened here, but it also happens that it becomes entangled and it is difficult for them to defecate, which can happen with other types of strands and not only with the strings of the toys.

In more serious cases, a problem such as a retention in the intestines may occur and our dog begins with a clinical picture of vomiting and general malaise. We will have to go to the vet to diagnose the presence of a foreign body in the digestive tract and extract them or help it to be expelled naturally. Therefore, we must be attentive to the state of the toy of our dog and if we see that it begins to have the strings destroyed remove and replace it for a new one.

Flying discs or frisbees

Another very typical toy for dogs is the frsibee or the flying disc. In itself the frisbee is a good toy since in addition to entertaining our dog a lot it helps him to expend a lot of energy easily, but you have to be careful with the material from which the flying disc is made. The ideal material is rubber, as hard plastic or similar materials easily damage our furry companion's mouth and teeth..

We have to think that the movement that the dog has to make to catch the disc in the air involves a bite with a blow to the mouth and therefore if the material is too hard it will end up damaging it. This toy is good for when we play with it, but it is not the most suitable for when they are alone at home.

Tennis and golf balls

It is very typical to use tennis balls, or if the dog is a little small to catch a ball of this size, we opt for a golf ball. This is actually a big mistake, because if we stop to see the composition of these balls we find out that they are made with fiberglass. If our dog does not play with these balls a lot, it is okay for him to play with some from time to time, but if it is his favorite toy and he is obsessed with chewing this ball, it is likely that before becoming an old dog he will run out of a part of your teeth. We must think that fiberglass acts like sandpaper and quickly wears down teeth. There have been cases in which dogs have been left without fangs and they have been almost at the height of the gums.

In this case we should change the type of ball and avoid using those containing these fibers, if we do not risk that in a few years our dog will have serious problems in the mouth and it becomes difficult for him to eat, having to switch to soft diets, which requires a more exhaustive oral hygiene.

Toys too small for our dog

Is vital take into account the size of our dog, Well, depending on this, one type of toy or another will be better. If our dog is of a medium or large size, it is very dangerous to give him small balls with which when trying to catch them in the air he can choke.

In such a case we should try to remove it quickly from the mouth if we see in a few seconds that we cannot. call the vet right away, as it will indicate what other maneuvers may be appropriate depending on the situation. In case he is not choking and he has simply swallowed it, we should also go to the veterinarian to confirm the presence of a foreign body in the digestive tract and proceed with its extraction..

For these reasons it is really important that the size of the ball or toy that we offer to our faithful companion is always the same as your mouth or bigger.

The stones are another clear example of an object that dogs often use as a toy or when we walk through the mountains and we have forgotten the ball we use them instead. But if we do not realize it, the stones can be swallowed by playing with them. In addition, even if they play with a large stone, it is still a problem because if they chew the stone they will surely end up damaging their gums or even breaking a tooth. We must be vigilant when we take them to the mountains or the beach and we must always try to carry a suitable toy with us, especially if our dog loves stones, because with another toy to which he is used, he may forget about them..

Very worn or broken toys

Although it is our dog's favorite toy, when a toy is too broken it must be removed, Well, we risk that it accidentally swallows some part.

All dogs, although especially puppies and those of a nervous nature, end up destroying their toys, blankets, beds, etc. It is very important that we be attentive to this as it can easily happen as in the case of excessively worn rope toys, our friend can swallow a piece and it can end up becoming an emergency visit to the vet.

When it comes to very small pieces or it has been a small quantity that has been ingested, it is most likely that we will find the remains in the next stool, but it can also happen that a blockage in the intestines occurs and the situation becomes complicated . So as soon as we see that pieces of the toy are missing or that they are scattered on the floor, it is best to remove it and offer a new one to our dog.

Home objects

Many times there are dogs that prefer to use things from home to play the toys that we offer them. This in addition to irritating us since they destroy our clothes, furniture, decorative objects, sofas, etc.., poses a health hazard from our partner. In addition to the fact that they can swallow a piece of the remains of the object that they have destroyed, some of these things may contain a toxic product and our dog is poisoned. It is also very typical that our dog likes to rummage through our garbage, the dangers in this case are the same.

¿What should we do about this behavior? Obviously, try to correct it from the beginning to have a better chance of success. We must ensure that our dog understands what things he can play with and what things he cannot. For this training and socialization, positive reinforcement is highly recommended instead of punishment..

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