Homemade smell games for dogs

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With approximately 300 million olfactory receptors, your dog's snout and smell are the main ways through which our friend is able to perceive his environment. We are talking about the most important sense and the one that lasts the longest, since in elderly and senile dogs, smell is the least degraded capacity.

Stimulating your dog's smell will help you improve your bond with him and keep him healthy, in addition, through various games your pet will relax, avoiding stress and anxiety in a fun way. ¿You want to know more? In this Animal Expert article we show you some smell games for dogs.

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  1. The sown
  2. The hideout with prizes
  3. The prize in hand
  4. Play is essential for your dog

1. The sowing

This game is one of the most used tricks so that a dog is in full state of relaxation and well-being while training your nose.

We are talking about searching or sowing, a practice that consists of spreading some feed or treats for dogs in an outdoor space. Your pet will have a great time exploring his environment freely and looking for a tasty reward. This game is also ideal for the relaxation of those dogs that suffer stress or anxiety.

It is advisable to practice this game of smell in an outdoor place, such as a wooded area, for example, in which the dog has to try harder to find the pieces of food.

2. The hideout with prizes

Properly stimulating the sense of smell is beneficial for any dog, although sniffer breeds such as the beagle or terrier dogs will enjoy these activities immeasurably..

Playing hide and seek will also be very beneficial for improve obedience of your dog, since in this case, as long as your dog has already integrated this command, we recommend that you start the playtime with a "¡Search! ". If your dog does not yet know this command, starting this game will help make it easier and more fun to understand..

You can carry it out inside or outside your home, and for this we recommend that you use odorous food or feed what should you hide in an accessible corner for your pet.

Then invite your dog to sniff the surroundings of his treasure and when he has found his reward, we recommend that you positively reinforce the search with great affection. Once your dog has assimilated this exercise, you can increase the degree of difficulty by hiding the food in unexpected places..

3. The prize in hand

This game can not only be performed with food dog friendly but it is also a good idea to use a little toy that your pet knows very well and therefore can recognize perfectly by smell.

  1. Handle the food (or the toy) with both hands, in this way we will achieve that some of the smell remains impregnated in both hands.
  2. Hide the prize or chosen toy in one of your clenched fists, the other must obviously be empty.
  3. Show him your closed hands and let him sniff. You should never be able to see the award.
  4. Your dog will indicate with his paw or muzzle the hand in which you are hiding the prize.
  5. Open and reward, but if he points to the wrong hand, open it, show him that it does not contain anything and start the game again.

It is normal that at the beginning or sometime your dog can make mistakes, but will learn to play over time and to sharpen your sense of smell, something very positive. You can increase the degree of difficulty by doing the trilero game for dogs.

Play is essential for your dog

Dogs are very sociable animals, they need to relate to their environment to be well and games are an excellent way to enable this communication.

Just as walks, food or veterinary care must be very present in your pet's life, keep in mind that play is also very important and that for keep your nose and mind stimulated you should do these activities regularly.

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