Try to hold your laughter watching this father and son having a great time

Like father Like Son. Or so they say, but the fact is that sometimes it is true and we find children who are the same or who act exactly the same way as their parents.

This father and son pair connects perfectly. We don't know if it's genetics or if the dad is the funniest, but the child has a great time. The slightest gesture unleashes an infectious laugh, an unstoppable laugh that will end up causing your own.

The father makes his own version of the Budweiser beer commercial, characterized by its actors yelling "wassup." The result of repeating this spot is incredible, because baby can't stop laughing.

How easy and fun it all seems when we're little, but the truth is that when you have a fit of laughter, no matter how old we are, it is very difficult to stop it. Although, better thought, why would we want to repress a moment like this?

Let's see if you can not laugh with this comical couple when watching the video.

Source: ABC News

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