Total outrage: pig thrown from a helicopter into a swimming pool

In times of social networks, the viralization of videos and images about aberrant and repudiable events is increasingly frequent. That is what happened in Argentina with a businessman owner of one of the most prestigious clothing brands in that country, which was involved in a total scandal because he was accused of having been responsible for the video that all the Argentine people comment and criticize: the launching a pig from a helicopter into a swimming pool.

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Throwing a pig

The images are impressive. If you are impressionable, we do not recommend watching the video. But it is also important to note that level of cruelty can people reach. And also, all the logistics to carry out such an aberrational act. Even if the pig were already lifeless, as it seems in the images, the mere fact of thinking about the possibility of throwing an animal from a helicopter towards the dream speaks very badly of the person who carries it forward.

The video shows how a helicopter hovers over the garden of a luxurious mansion on the outskirts of the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este and launches the animal. When falling into the water, it splashes out. And worst of all, the people who were filming the event with their mobile phones they burst out laughing.

Accusation of a businessman

The mansion where the pig was thrown is being occupied this summer in the southern hemisphere by the Argentine textile businessman Federico Álvarez Castillo. Creator of several top-tier brands, with Black Label came to wear their suits to the Argentina Selection football during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Magazine News, which was the one who published the video as a scoop, maintained that the businessman himself was the one who launched to the animal from the heights.

Faced with this accusation, a strong repudiation of Álvarez Castillo was immediately generated on social networks and users called for a boycott against all its brands, avoiding buying her clothes.

Once the fingers of the whole society pointed at him, the businessman rehearsed a defense through a publication in your account of the social network Instagram.

"By virtue of the video that is circulating on social networks, I want to repudiate this fact vandalism of which my family and I were victims ”, begins his discharge.

"Clarify that at the time of the event we were inside the home when we feel a loud noise in the garden ”, he continued.

“As we left, we perceived the aberrant act that led us to great confusion by a very bad joke. For this reason, we repudiate this type of action and we are working to clarify this situation immediately, "the businessman closed on the episode of a pig being thrown into his pool.

Defending your partner

Lara bernasconi, A famous model in Argentina, she is Álvarez Castillo's partner and she also came out to defend herself, since many accused her of being the person who laughed out loud in the video.

The television signal "All News ”He contacted Bernasconi, who preferred not to give an on-air interview but did explain his version of the unfortunate events.

"Somebody he threw a lamb at us from a helicopter. We have nothing to do with this situation ”, said the model, who confirmed what was suspected: the animal was not alive when it fell into the pool.

Who is guilty of throwing a pig

However, some issues that arise from doing a quick analysis of the video dthey leave many doubts and reinforce the theory of locating the employer as the culprit.

First of all, there is already a person who begins to record everything that happens with his mobile phone from before the launch of the pig from the air. Why is someone who only rests in the garden of his mansion going to film a helicopter if he does not know that something strange could happen?

The second issue, as we already mentioned, is the laughter that is heard in the background once the pig falls into the water. The person who saw that at the time it happened did not seem to be shocked. On the contrary, he was happy with the aberrant act of animal abuse that he had just witnessed.

The third point people question on social media is the businessman's alibi. Álvarez Castillo argued in his defense that he and his family were inside the home at the time the pig was thrown into his pool. If this is true,who were the people who were in the garden of his house and who recorded everything that happened on video? Are they themselves? Are they friends or family you are trying to cover? Or were they evidently the victims of an act of vandalism by two people who broke into their property and colluded with a helicopter pilot??

Whatever the truth, the only thing that everyone agreed on is the repudiation of video. Unfortunately, these images should be banished from society. Y those responsible for the fact, pay the consequences to carry out an act of animal abuse.

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