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  • What is the Hovawart like? Character and Behavior
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  • What are the necessary care of a Hovawart?
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  • Hovawart's Main Health Problems

What is the Hovawart like? Character and Behavior

The Hovawart is considered as a companion or defense dog due to its protective and friendly character. It is a very affectionate, calm, determined, faithful, obedient, pleasant and very affectionate dog with its owners.. He also really enjoys being in the water and is a excellent swimmer.

Although the Hovawart He usually chooses a family member with whom he becomes more attached and to whom he mainly obeys, he does not stop being sweet and kind to everyone, too this breed is especially affectionate with children and being so active she does not get tired of playing, so it is ideal to accompany them.

How should the owner and environment of a Hovawart dog be?

Being a race medium-sized, very active and robust, the Hovawart they need a lot of space, they are not dogs to keep in very confined environments, such as apartments, since subjecting them to this confinement can develop in them a nervous and unsociable behavior; a house with a large patio where they can run or with open spaces, such as a nearby park, is the ideal environment for them.

In addition to that, being so energetic, these dogs need to be able to lead a very active life, so their owner must be able to provide exercise sessions very frequently and have time to play with them, for the latter, they are considered perfect for families with children, since these animals hardly get tired of playing and running and can provide a pleasant company to the youngest.

On the other hand, the Hovawart he is considered like an easy breed to train and train, due to his obedient nature that helps him assimilate the teachings he receives faster, but if he is educated incorrectly it can become a big problem, so not recommended for inexperienced owners.

What are the necessary care of a Hovawart?

The Hovawarts they are very active dogs, therefore, it is not recommended that they be motivated to lead a sedentary life, especially during their growing season.. It is necessary to take them out for walks and runs very often so that they can grow up healthy since not doing so could directly affect their physical and mental development, leading them to develop a not sociable character.

Regarding special care, the fur of the Hovawart It tends to get tangled and dirty, so it is advisable to brush it frequently to avoid large knots, this should be used from the first week at home.

So that these dogs lead a healthy life it is recommended to give them a quality diet, with a content of approximately 60% animal protein and a diet based on between 1700 and 2000 calories per day.

Cubs and Gestation of the Hovawart

Pregnancy of the female Hovawart lasts between 58 and 66 days, with the average delivery occurring at 63 days of gestation.

To know the gestation time that the female has and ensure that she is effectively in state, it is recommended to wait about 30 days from the last mount and go to the veterinarian to have an ultrasound performed where, apart from the state of the bitch, you can know that of the puppies and the exact time of the pregnancy in order to start monitoring it by a professional.

Hovawart's Main Health Problems

As for your health, this breed of dogs Generally is very healthy and strong and it does not usually present serious medical or congenital problems, so it is not necessary a care beyond the conventional.

Although it must be taken into account that some Hovawart they can develop thyroid problems or hip dysplasia, which is a malformation of the hip joint that appears during the puppy's growth, so it is recommended to check with the veterinarian and follow up.

It is also advisable to make a periodic check on the ears to prevent fungi and infections that can be caused by the moisture that accumulates in them.

The Hovawart have an average life expectancy of 12 years, which with proper care, a lot of love and a balanced diet can fully achieve.

Summary Article Name Hovawart Description The Hovawart is considered a companion or defense dog due to its protective and friendly nature. It is a very affectionate, calm, determined dog. Author Natalia

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