Pet friendly hotels in Buenos Aires

When you decide to take a vacation, ¿What to do with your pet? Generally we usually turn to friends or family who can lovingly take care of our best friend, but fortunately today there are other options and your pet can also enjoy a well-deserved vacation in a way.

In Argentina, a country where the rate of animal abandonment continues to be dramatic, there is also an increase in those services that help us provide the best care for our pet.

In this Animal Expert article we show you 5 pet friendly hotels in Buenos Aires.

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  1. Pets Club Pilar
  2. The moons
  3. Zama canine pension
  4. Four seasons

Pets Club Pilar

Pets Club Pilar is a hotel that offers our pets comfort, security and recreation in equal measure. One of the most positive aspects of this hotel is being located in a natural environment where suitable recreational games are scheduled to prevent our friends from stressing.

If our pet needs to carry out some type of pharmacological treatment, the hotel offers a follow-up supervised by a veterinary professional.The Pets Club Pilar facilities have remote monitoring cameras, swimming pool and ceiling fans.

The moons

Las Lunas facilities offer hosting cats and dogs, They are characterized by having very wide spaces where dogs can spend the day in complete freedom and in homogeneous groups that allow optimal socialization. For cats, the Las Lunas hotel has spacious cat flats perfectly set.

The food they provide to our pets is of high quality, in addition, they have veterinary assistance in case of emergencies, they follow a daily routine of asepsis of the environment and collect and accompany pets to your home, always in suitable equipment and by trained personnel.

Zama canine pension

Zama canine pension is one of the best hotels for pets in Buenos Aires, it is characterized by its park of 4,500 square meters, where dogs can enjoy their stay freely.

They also have separate gardens for elderly dogs or dogs with behavioral problems.

This canine boarding house offers personalized attention, it also has very comfortable spaces for rest and organize games and walks to keep our friend in top shape.

Four seasons

The Four Seasons can be considered a hotel for pets, since it is where pets and owners can spend a great vacation.

Each pet has a suitable bed in the room, personalized food, toys and daily walks Through the hotel gardens, this option perfectly combines your holidays and those of your dog, so you can continue to have a good time together.

Upon arrival, the pet also receives its own registration card to enjoy a safe stay with all its needs covered.

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