Ants: the tireless workers

They are very small but do not go unnoticed for many reasons. Ants are the tireless and disciplined workers of the earth. Those small invertebrates that bite our bodies and cause us pain, at the same time are an example of synergy and achievement of goals.

The only place on the planet where ants are not counted is in frozen areas.

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  • Ants as an example of life

Origin of ants

Studies have shown the existence of these little beings for more than 100 million years. Scientific determination points to an evolution from wasps and other insects. Everything that the history of the ants can contain is useful to understand all the virtues of them.

The more than 12,000 species of ants reveal the diversity that exists throughout the planet. Depending on the climate, the region, the height, and the amount of water in certain parts of the earth, we will find one of those 12,000 different cases of ants. Everything has influenced its evolution.

Ants capabilities

Incredibly, the ant can carry more than 45 times its own weight with it. If we make a comparison with human capacity, we would have to place a person to carry three adult hippos to resemble what these little girls do.

Its structure has a really impressive composition that allows it to perform this, and many other tasks.

Ants are also good businessmen. There are some leaves where they can live and feed because they have holes that allow them to be without problems and find food. In exchange for using that sort of hotel, the ants effectively take care of that plant. They protect it from parasites and other threats.

Scientists have confirmed the relationship of ants with some insects in order to provide themselves with some of the food they need. With the same premise as the previous plants, these invertebrates collaborate with others to also have something they need.

The super workers

The organization of the ants is perhaps what is most surprising. They do not have great forces or machinery, but they achieve astronomical achievements.

Their ability to work as a team makes them highly efficient. Each ant understands the role it has within its community, nobody complains, they all work. They are very clear about the need to take care of themselves and their group, so with great diligence they comply with what they have assigned.

How do ants communicate?

Both order and efficiency suggest that leadership is excellent in the ant community. Those famous lines that they are leaving are their main means of communication, they show them all the way back and forth, either for food or materials that they are collecting..

Another form of communication is with an almost imperceptible approach that allows them to let others know what awaits them, good or bad..

The diet of ants

The extensive list of ants forces us to review their general diet, which can always vary as we have said before, depending on the place and climate they are in. Leaves, honey, certain meats, candy and even other insects, that is their diet. It is very common to see a dead cockroach surrounded by ants, there they have a source of food supply.

Known ants

· Queen ant

It is the one that establishes the community, their fertility makes them stand in a place of privilege similar to that of royalty that we know.

Worker ant

They are the most abundant, and the ones that move all the work within the community. They care, seek and build. That is their purpose by not being fertile.

Soldier ant

They are also known as big-headed ants. They have the mission of caring for the entire community, being stronger than a worker has this role that supports all the others.

Male ant

Their purpose is only one: to mate and thus sustain the growth of their communities. Unfortunately for them, they die after fulfilling their purpose.

Ants as an example of life

The Bible recounts the thoughts of a king named Solomon, who once placed the wisdom of the ant above the wisdom of man.

Exactly the sacred text says that the ant is not a strong people, but that in summer they work with unity and intelligence for what they need. We have a lot to learn from ants.

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