Horror stories and crabs. The stingray devours them mercilessly.

These animals don't know it, but they are about to live the worst horror story of their lives. It's more, this will be the last story of your existence. The cycle of life is about to end them.

They will be eaten by a stingray, a bigger, more agile and hungrier predator than them. It looks like something out of a horror movie, but it is the real life of crabs. The dangers of everyday life in the animal world.

Seeing these scenes is so incredible that even if we know the truth, we'll still think it's a montage. As if this were the final scene of an animal movie.

No one would like to be eaten by a larger animal. Being someone's dinner is not a good idea. We knew it before and we confirm it now by seeing these crabs flee certain death.

there's not much to do, nature with its enormous wisdom has arranged everything in such a way that things work out. And we agree with it or not, the fact is that the cycle continues to work.

Crab horror story pic.twitter.com/VKwMb4kc2v

- Chemical Reactions (@HoIdMyBeaker) May 3, 2017

Source: Nature is Scary

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