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    • Looking for decorating ideas for Halloween?
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Looking for decorating ideas for Halloween?

If you are organizing a dinner, a party or any type of event, today we will show you a lot of decoration ideas for Halloween that you will love and that you can carry out without problems..
Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries and that little by little has been spreading to other countries like ours, where more and more people end up celebrating this night full of magic, terror and surprises..

The term Halloween (short for All Hallows 'Eve) literally means All Hallows' Eve. The Celts celebrated on that date the SAMHAIN, the end of summer and the harvest season, with the beginning of the boreal winter or dark season. According to their beliefs, the change of season allowed the barrier between the world of the living and the dead to narrow and the spirits could pass to the earthly world. Bonfires were lit and people wore costumes to scare spirits away from houses.

And in case this Friday you want to decorate your house to celebrate the night when spirits cross the borders between worlds to take a tour of the earth, we give you some ideas of decoration for halloween simple but that will surely delight your visitors.

Decoration for Halloween: Colors and motifs

Traditionally the colors related to this holiday are orange, black and purple or purple. There is a wide variety of motifs that we can use, especially all those related to monsters, ghosts, witches, fantastic beings


from horror movie references to animated or fantastic characters let your imagination run wild!

In Anglo-Saxon countries the decoration for Halloween includes every corner of our home and the food that is going to be served, not a detail escapes the terror on this magical night, even the dog can dress up.
If there are children in the house, perhaps we want to bet on a "kid friendly " decoration, which means that the reasons will be more childish so that our children do not have nightmares that night.
Our imaginary is full of monsters and evil men that turned out not to be so bad: Gru, Shrek, the characters of Monsters SA, the funny Minions, the Monster High, or fantastic people like the world of Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings.

The pumpkin lanterns or jack-o '- lantern

They are known as jack-o '- lantern to the hand-carved pumpkins that are used on Halloween to scare spirits and are placed at the entrances of houses with lights inside. It is one of the details that cannot be missing in our house at this party.

This is the most traditional and well-known way to use pumpkins at this time. The top must be cut to access the interior, hollowed out, then pencil face design and carving. But we can do all the variations that we can think of and even make the task much simpler and faster using a drill.
We can also decorate the pumpkins without having to carve them and get creative compositions that we can use to decorate throughout the winter.

Terrifying doors

Simple and with a very funny result. We can turn our door into a monster willing to swallow anyone who tries to enter it


What better way to welcome guests or little candy hunters? The objective is to give the feeling that we are entering a haunted house, we must surprise our guests!

We can also make a typical garland with spiders or bats. If we want it to be more childish, we can choose our favorite movie monster or use colored candies that will bring color to our door.
Another of the little things that we can put are black vinyl silhouettes on the windows that with lighting will achieve a spectacular effect from the outside.

Dark bathrooms

Decorating for Halloween involves completely decorating your floor, so you can't forget about the bathroom. Most of your guests will walk in here, and if they don't see some spooky Halloween decorations, they might be a bit disappointed. For this, a very good idea is to decorate your bathtub curtain in the style of one of the scenes from the famous horror movie Psycho from the 60s..

Paper lamps

Another element that can give us a lot of play on Halloween are the paper lamps that we can get in any store at a very low price and in a wide variety of colors.
Turn them into all kinds of terrifying beings just by adding a few pieces of felt, paper or painting eyes and mouths with a marker. There are many examples of simple but very fun designs.

Do you have plastic cups at home from a birthday party or picnic and you don't know what to do with them? Now is the time to bring them back to the light for color and a new design with some cardstock and permanent markers. Nothing simpler and faster and sure that they will delight the little ones.


Decorating for Halloween wouldn't be complete without some dark colored candles. Place them in spooky chandeliers around the table for a gothic vibe. Watch out for flames and make sure there are no costumes nearby.

Indispensable that cannot be missing in Halloween decoration:

 Pumpkins
 Cobwebs
 Spiders
 Bats
 Skulls
 Candles
 Cauldrons
 Witches
 Brooms
 Ghosts

These are all the decoration ideas for Halloween that we give you so that your home becomes a true house of terror. You can always use your imagination to give it a spookier atmosphere. Let this year your house be filled with fantasy for Halloween! It only takes creativity and imagination to make your home look fascinating.

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