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The Running livestock it is very common and popular, especially in its native area. 

Is a versatile breed of domestic cattle that is raised for meat, milk, shooting and also for sports. 

Is a race very popular in his home area of Spain and in other parts of the world.

The running cattle breed descended from Spanish cattle brought to America in the late 15th century. 

Today, some breeders breed them to obtain meat, but they are primarily used as sporting livestock for rodeo events, such as team roping and bulldogging.

The names of the race they may vary from place to place. The official breed registry in the United States calls the breed Corriente cattle, and it is the most common name in northern Mexico.. 

It is called Creole or Chinampo cattle in other parts of Mexico. The breed is closely related to the Florida Cracker and Pineywoods cattle, which are two breeds of cattle from Florida and the Gulf Coast..

The running cattle adapted by natural selection to the different regions in which it lived. 

Eventually, their descendants spread across the southern part of the United States and down to the California coast.. 

The European cattle breeds and others were introduced to America in the early 19th century. And many ranchers in the Americas were upgrading their herds with modern breeds of beef cattle in the 20th century..

The almost pure descendants of the spanish cattle original nearly disappeared, but some managed to survive with little human attention or intervention in remote areas of Central and South America, and in very limited numbers in some areas of the southern United States.

However, since these animals are good at both meat production as for the milk production, starting commercial ranching will be a good and profitable business. Especially if you can easily market livestock products in your area.

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How to start the current livestock

The running cattle they are very strong and resistant animals. They have excellent maternal qualities and adapt well to their native climates.. 

They also do well in some other agroclimatic conditions. Therefore, start the Corriente's commercial livestock business it will be relatively easy. 

Here we are trying to describe more information about how to start and operate a successful livestock business in Corriente, from the purchase of animals to the care and marketing.

Purchase of cattle

First of all, you must buy strong animals, resistant and of very good quality for start your cattle ranching business. 

Buy animals of good quality is very important, because good quality animals always guarantee good production and maximum profits.

Can buy the animals in any of the markets of closest cattle. 

Or can buy the animals in any of the cattle farms of Stream closest (if any). 

The running cattle is common, so you will probably be able to find these animals easily. Just make sure the animals are of very good quality, healthy and disease free.


Create a good living environment with all the necessary facilities is another important part of Corriente's livestock business. 

Because a good home not only helps animals stay healthy, it also helps keep them free from wild predators and harsh weather conditions..

The exact type of your system livestock housing It can be anything depending on your budget and also the availability of building materials in your area.. 

Your house can be completely concrete. Or you can build the house with inexpensive and readily available materials.. 

Just make sure the house is safe and comfortable for your animals.

The running cattle is classified as a small animal.

 Therefore, they will require relatively less living space. Make sure there is enough space available inside the house based on the number of animals.

A good ventilation system it is essential for the business Corriente rancher. 

Therefore, install a good ventilation system and make sure there is enough fresh air and light inside the house. And make the house in such a way that you can easily clean it and clean it regularly.


Feed the animals with very good quality, healthy and nutritious food is the most important part of the Corriente's commercial livestock business. 

Because one good nutrition not only helps animals stay healthy, but also helps them grow better and produce more.

Therefore, always try to provide your animals nutritious food and of very good quality. 

The running cattle They are versatile animals. Therefore, they will need a combination of vegetables and grains in their diet.. 

You may also consider feeding them silage, especially during the dry season.

Like many others domestic animals, the running cattle also requires plenty of clean, fresh drinking water on a daily basis. 

Therefore, providing them with the appropriate amount of clean and fresh drinking water according to your demand. Never give them contaminated food or water.


Like many other breeds of domestic cattle, the running cattle he is also naturally very good breeder. 

I know easily reproduce if you keep a good ratio of bulls and cows in your herd. You can also consider the artificial insemination method for the breeding their cows.

Summary Article Name Cow breeding guide Description Running cattle is very common and popular, especially in its native area. We leave you all the information here. Author Natalia

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