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  • What is the Great Dane like? Character and Behavior
  • How should the owner and environment of a Great Dane dog be?
  • What are the necessary care of a Great Dane?
  • Puppies and Gestation of the Great Dane
  • Main health problems of the Great Dane

What is the Great Dane like? Character and Behavior

Great dane It is a docile, faithful and affectionate dog, if it is not trained as a child it can develop a shy and fearful personality. Is a dog that stands out for its great elegance and enormous charisma; the dogs of this breed Commonly they are very obedient although they can be territorial with other dogs.

Great Dane dogs they are very familiar and commonly like children, with those who show a playful and affectionate character, which contrasts with their large size that can even intimidate.

How should the owner and environment of a Great Dane dog be?

It is a dog that requires attention, Since due to its strength and vitality, added to its size, it needs frequent games and walks to walk, this to prevent it from accumulating too much energy and can cause damage to the home, for this reason the Great Dane needs an owner willing to occupy the part of his time.

As for its environment, it is a dog what can be adapted to city life, although due to its enormous size, the Great Dane needs open spaces where it can move and exercise, for this reason it is not suitable for small apartments.

In addition to this, these dogs They don't like strangers very much, which makes them excellent watchdogs as its size and bark can scare off intruders.

What are the necessary care of a Great Dane?

Being from short coat, This does not require so much care, a regular brushing is enough to keep it healthy, you also have to try to cut your nails frequently.

Due to its probability of suffering gastric torsion, it is necessary to take the Great Dane for a walk daily without subjecting it to much effort or sudden changes in temperature, it is a dog that needs moderate exercise.

As to their feeding, It is recommended that they eat little and at once, and that at the end they do not do physical activity since this can cause meteorism.

Puppies and Gestation of the Great Dane

The Great Dane breed, Being so large, it usually has 9 to 12 puppies per litter. Like all dogs, the pregnancy of the female great dane lasts between 56 and 66 days, or 9 weeks, but labor usually occurs at 63 days.

It is from the fourth week where the abdomen of the Great Dane dog begins to look lumpy, there the doctor veterinarian, Through an ultrasound you will be able to determine the state of the embryos and the number of puppies that the bitch.

At birth, puppies their eyes are closed, and it is not until 9 days after birth that they open them.

Main health problems of the Great Dane

The life expectancy of this breed is between 8 and 10 years, but throughout its life, the Great Dane has a tendency to suffer from certain canine diseases, among which are:

Gastric torsion: There is a significant dilation in the stomach, as a result of the accumulation of food, liquids and gases, where the stomach does not support the dilation causing it to twist on its axis. It has a very serious prognosis, since if it is not treated in time it can cause the death of the dog in a few hours.

Waterfalls: in it there is a clouding of the lens of the eye, commonly they can advance until causing the total blindness of the dog.

Cardiomyopathy: It is a disease in which the heart muscle is dilated and unable to contract, it commonly occurs between 6 and 8 years of age, although it is also possible in much younger dogs.

Elbow dysplasia: It is the abnormal development of the elbow joints, one of the most common forms in which it occurs is in fragmentation of the medial coronoid process, in it a fragment of bone or cartilage is lost inside the joint, which causes a lot of pain.

Osteosarcoma: represents the most common primary bone cancer in dogs, it usually occurs commonly in the appendicular skeleton and affects neighboring tissues producing rapid metastasis, so its timely diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.

  Summary Article Name Great Dane Description Great Dane dogs are very familiar and are commonly liked by children, with whom they show a playful and affectionate character. Author Natalia

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