Cats: The most docile felines

There is no doubt that cats are one of the favorite pets among people, along with dogs. These felines tend to be very different from canines and that is exactly what makes them so special. His attitude and specific characteristics make him an excellent pet.

Cats are an animal that has been accompanying man for thousands of years. It has adapted to our way of life and has lived with us. Thanks to its small size, it began to sympathize with humans since Ancient Egypt..

Our ancestors had it as an important part of their culture. They have always been considered very cunning, mysterious and solitary animals. Even now, an aura of much mysticism still surrounds them..

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The cat as a pet

Cats are reputed to be very independent animals, unlike dogs, these felines prefer tranquility, solitude and although they tend to be affectionate and require attention and care, their favorite moment of the day will be to be alone..

Despite being lonely and independent, cats are very playful, mischievous and curious animals, especially when they are in their first months of life..

They are also known for being very intelligent felines and for being always on the alert. If they want to achieve something, they will come up with a plan to get it fast and in most cases, they get it.

Like the rest of the felines, cats have very sharp claws, but they are hidden in their ducks, that is, they are retractable. They only take them out when they go hunting, when they are playing or when they want to hold on to something.

Physically they are small animals, easy to grasp and ideal for small places. They have the body covered with hair, but this characteristic will always depend on the breed.

Their gaze is penetrating and they have small but sharp fangs that are great for tearing their prey. Their tail is usually long and bushy, and it will always help them balance, especially when they are going to jump..

Life of a cat

Nowadays it is very rare to see a wild cat living in fields or jungles, because this species evolved into a very domestic animal and to be close to people.

However, it is possible to run into a wild or stray cat. They are those who spend it in the alleys, eat from the garbage and often use their hunting instinct to steal food from homes or wherever they can.

Cats are carnivorous animals, although for their full development, they will also need vegetables. The latter will help your intestines to be much cleaner.

Fish is one of the fundamental foods for these cats. Sardines should be in your daily diet, either natural or canned..

Anyone who has had cats knows how important sterilization is. Being a small animal with feline instincts, the cat can easily escape from the house, especially when it is in heat..

It is easy to recognize when it is in this moment, since the animal rubs against everything in its path and is more affectionate than normal.

The normal gestation period is 60 or 65 days and a litter of several kittens will be born. In general, it is never higher than the cat's nipples, but if any more are born, it must be fed separately because the cat can abandon it.

Cat species

There is a great infinity of breeds of cats so the physical characteristics always go to various.

There are the hairless cats, which, despite not being a very popular breed, are very expensive specimens and always associated with the elite. Long-haired cats are usually the hairiest and are known for their extraordinary beauty.

Small-haired cats are various types of breeds with very different characteristics and also with varied temperaments. Oriental cats are recognizable by their fur and mysticism.

Lastly, there are the big cats. Some of these breeds can reach 14 kilos. They are usually affectionate and very calm.

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