Fruits and vegetables for the Mandarin diamond

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Lovers of the Mandarin diamond know that they are very curious birds that love to try new food, especially when it comes to fruits or vegetables. Even so, it is not only about adding variety to their diet but it is super necessary for them to appear beautiful, healthy and active..

Remember that vitamins disappear in a very short time when being in water, on the contrary, the vitamins that we find in fruits and vegetables persist for a longer time.

In addition to what is the basic diet, today we will focus especially on the fruits and vegetables for the mandarin diamond.

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The green and tender shoots They are fantastic for the diet of your Mandarin diamond, we are talking about the food that they most easily accept and for that reason we recommend that you offer them arugula, spinach (boiled better), endives or endive. Remember that you should change the fruit and vegetables that you leave them often to prevent them from spoiling.

Some people tend to give them lettuce, although it has too much water which can cause diarrhea, better think about other options.

More vegetables

Other interesting options are cucumber, chard, cabbage leaves and even dandelions that you will find in the field (¡they love them!). Remember that the fruit and vegetables must consist of 20% of the diet of your Mandarin diamond.

Try giving him different types to know which are his favorites.


It may be that your diamonds do not find the vegetable that you propose very interesting and it is that it is normal that they take a while to accept the vegetables. For this reason, a very interesting option in the diet is to offer them sprouts, which as they have a different consistency and resemble seeds are more accepted. Soybean sprouts and wheat sprouts are two very interesting options.


Fruits are a delicious option and full of vitamins that your Mandarin diamond will love. Among the infinite possibilities we find kiwi, orange or apple, some very interesting supplements to fill you with vigor.

Also you should never miss...

The natural cuttlefish bone It is the best option for your diamonds to receive their daily calcium dose. You can buy it at any pet store and its use is becoming more and more widespread. This fantastic option has gradually replaced the classic artificial calcium chemical compact..

Don't your diamonds eat fruit and vegetables?

It is normal that some diamonds when they arrive at our home do not taste the fruit and vegetables that you leave them. It is totally understandable, since it is food that they are not used to.

It is important that you be patient and that every day you leave them within reach Different types of food. At the beginning we recommend offering sprouts and tender shoots such as arugula for example, then you can start to deposit assorted fruit and vegetables.

Do not always offer the same thing because diamonds quickly hate the same type of diet. By varying, you will not only discover which foods your diamond likes the most, but you will also promote a better relationship between the two..

Other options

If your mandarin diamonds don't even eat fruit and vegetables, we recommend that you go to a pet supply store and get some type of vitamin how can Tabernil be.

These are chemical products that lose their effectiveness after a while and have a powerful smell (not all diamonds will drink vitamin water), for that reason the best option is still the insistence on fruits and vegetables.

If you found this article interesting, go ahead and discover everything about the Mandarin diamond as well as the breeding of the Mandarin diamond.

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