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¿You are a lover of wolves? Wolves are one of the most admired and respected by human beings, because of their great beauty, their strength, and their leadership gifts. Due to its great qualities, there are those who feel identified with this precious animal.

If you also idolize these canids, then at AnimalWised, we show you a selection of the best wolf phrases that we have been able to collect. ¿Which one do you prefer?

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  1. Lone wolf phrases
  2. Strong and warrior wolves phrases
  3. Short wolf phrases

Lone wolf phrases

We begin this recap of the best wolf phrases, with phrases of lone wolves. The image of the lone wolf has always conveyed a lot of sadness, and even coldness on some occasions, which is why we will also see some phrases of sad wolves below. However, it is important to clarify that wolves are gregarious animals, that is, that they always go in a group and are very sociable. When a wolf is separated from its pack, it does not do so to seek that solitude that has been so erroneously popularized, but rather to find a mate and create its own pack. Here are some of the best lone wolf phrases.

  1. Wolves are not made to hunt alone. Maybe not. But many do. (Robin Hobb)
  2. The wolf is not alone: ​​it is always in company.
  3. You have to be like wolves: strong alone and in solidarity with the pack.
  4. Wolves never hunt alone, but in pairs. The lone wolf was a myth. (John Fowles)
  5. Although the wolf usually works alone, the wolf is the most united animal of all. You will not find a wolf who abandons a wounded comrade.
  6. Like a wolf in the desert, forgotten by time, far from his pack, he goes in search of his beloved.
  7. When you have been a wolf, it is very difficult to be tied to a tree like a lamb.
  8. The moon was crying too, but the wolf never knew. (Ron Israel)
  9. Do like the wolf. When they reject you, act without fear of fighting and without fear of losing. Inspire loyalty and protect others.
  10. It is much better to walk like a lone wolf in the right direction, than to follow the pack in the wrong direction..
  11. As long as the wolf does not have his moon, he will continue howling at the stars.
  12. Maybe I'm just a lone wolf looking for its prey, but I am clear that when I find it, my intentions will be far from doing something wrong with it.
  13. There are nights where the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. (George Carlin)
  14. When a wolf doesn't want to do anything, he looks really adorable. (Michelle Paver)
  15. Every wolf only finds its cowardly ferocity in the pack. (Carlos Dómine)
  16. In life there are only two types of people: wolves and lambs. (Patricia Cornwell)

Although the wolf is not really a solitary animal, as we have just seen, in this other AnimalWised article we show you animals that are solitary: The 10 loneliest animals in the world.

Strong and warrior wolves phrases

In addition to the lone wolf, the image of the strong, warrior wolf has also become popular. In other words, the image of the alpha wolf. This is because, in real life, wolves have a marked hierarchy in the pack, being the main reproductive pair the alpha wolf (male) and the beta wolf (female). Here are some of the best phrases of alpha wolves (or warriors and strong):

  1. Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack.
  2. The she-wolf seems to hide under the wolf. She pretends to be scared, but is actually protecting her partner's throat.
  3. The howling wolf is a real danger. (David Attenborough)
  4. The silent wolf impacts more than the barking dog.
  5. You can't throw me to the wolves. They come when I call them.
  6. I am fierce. I'm loyal. There is no one stronger. I have the heart of a lion and the moon of soul. I am the leader of my pack. I am the alpha.
  7. Be like the wolf and the lion, have a big heart and the power of leadership.
  8. A man can befriend a wolf, but no man will actually be able to tame him. (George R. R. Martin)
  9. The tiger and the lion may be the strongest, but you will never see the wolf performing in the circus..
  10. My character is like that of wolves: if they don't attack, I don't bite.
  11. If the wolves stopped running, people would stop screaming. (German proverb)
  12. Live like a wolf: wild, free and hungry. (C. Pacific)
  13. The wolf attacks with its fangs; the bull with its horns. (Horacio)
  14. A wolf does not turn around when the dog barks.
  15. It is better to live in the midst of wolves than people ... at least you know what to expect from wolves.
  16. Even the wolf knows how to be educated when bestial humans have no idea what education is. (Muni Khan)
  17. Hunger makes the wolf come out of the forest. (German proverb)
  18. We humans fear the beast that lives in the wolf because we do not understand the beast that lives within us. (Gerald Hausman)
  19. The wolf can fight the bear, but the rabbit always loses. (Robert Jordan)
  20. The wolves pounce on the wounded deer. It is the nature of the beast. (Barbara Delinski)
  21. The wolf may change its appearance, but never its intentions. (Proverb)
  22. Wolves are very skilled. All they need is for people not to shoot them. (Bob Ferris)
  23. Sheep spend their whole lives fearing the wolf, but it is the shepherd who eats them.
  24. Perhaps wolves are dangerous, but if you stop to look at them, you will realize that they are beautiful like a rose: cruel appearance, beautiful essence.
  25. I'm a wolf. I will quietly endure it, silently I will suffer, I will patiently wait, because I am a warrior and I will survive.
  26. If you can't face the wolves, don't go into the forest. (Alexandra Udinov)
  27. Wolves don't fight sheep ... they eat them. Point.
  28. Learn to be like the wolf: aggressive, but also patient, as needed.
  29. No one knows, but it was the wolf who taught Little Red Riding Hood to walk alone without being afraid of getting lost.
  30. If you are given the option to be a shepherd or a sheep, be the wolf. (Josh Homme)
  31. In the deep, calm waters of the mind, the wolf lurks. (F. T. McKinstry)
  32. No wolf falters before biting, nor does the hawk hesitate before launching itself. Consequently, they hit the mark. (Shannon Hale)
  33. It never bothers the wolf how many the sheep are. (Virgil)
  34. When one runs with the wolves, one must howl with the pack. (Leon Trotsky)
  35. Wolves in sheep's clothing will never stop being wolves. Sooner or later they will manifest what they really are.
  36. Where there are sheep, the wolves are never too far away. (Plautus)
  37. Freedom for wolves is death for lambs. (Isaiah Berlin)
  38. When the shepherds fight, the wolf has his game won. (German proverb)
  39. The strength of the pack rests with the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is to go in a pack. (Rudyard Kipling)
  40. A society of sheep will eventually breed a government of wolves.

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Short wolf phrases

We finish this tour of the best wolf phrases with some perfect phrases for Instagram: short wolf phrases. ¿You like them?

  1. Fear makes the wolf bigger than it is.
  2. He who walks with wolves is taught to howl.
  3. The wolf does not walk alone, he always carries his pack.
  4. The look of the wolf penetrates to our soul. (Barry López)
  5. Wolves are the witches of the animal world. (Katherine Rundell)
  6. They beat the wolf until it bites, so they can tell it's bad.
  7. Old wolf does not fall for a trap.
  8. If you run away from the wolf, you may meet a bear. (Lithuanian proverb)
  9. In the wolf pack, loyalty is an oath.
  10. The wolf dressed in sheep's clothing and the herd allowed the deception. (Mary Shelley)
  11. I'd rather live a few hours as a wolf than a hundred years as a sheep.
  12. When one donkey is of many, the wolves eat it. (Juan de Mariana)
  13. It is madness for a sheep to talk peace with a wolf. (Thomas Fuller)
  14. The wolf you listen to is worse than the ogre you fear. (J. R. R. Tolkien)
  15. The wolf will always be bad if we only listen to Little Red Riding Hood.
  16. Better a wicked canary than a pious wolf. (Anton Chekhov)
  17. When the sheep decide, even the wolves will flee.
  18. A wolf does not lose sleep over the opinion of the sheep.
  19. I have a wolf heart and a wolf at heart.
  20. A wolf does not care about the opinions of the sheep.
  21. Make yourself a sheep and the wolf will eat you. (German proverb)
  22. Flatterers look like friends, and wolves look like dogs. (George Chapman)
  23. Only a true wolf falls in love with the moon. (J. S. Ulli)
  24. The wolf does not know that Little Red Riding Hood goes to the forest for him.

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