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Horses are animals noble, intelligent and sensitive, probably for this reason they have accompanied the human being throughout history. Their helmets, clothed or naked, have left behind all kinds of poems, proverbs and horse phrases, ¿do you want to know some?

At AnimalWised we have selected the best phrases for horses, from both famous and anonymous people, all so that you can enjoy a moment of peace, reflecting on one of the most beautiful animals on the planet.. ¡Keep reading!

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  1. Phrases with images of horses
  2. Beautiful horse phrases
  3. Horse phrases for Instagram
  4. Phrases for beautiful and short horses
  5. Country and horse phrases
  6. Horse cowgirl phrases
  7. Love phrases with horses

Phrases with images of horses

We will start with the most famous phrases what can be said about horses, ¿did you know any?

  • It is impossible to waste an hour of life if you are on the saddle. - Winston Churchill
  • There is no feeling of freedom equal to what I feel when I am riding my horse. - Anonymous
  • From my horse I learned that strength is complemented by nobility and loyalty. - Gabriel Oliverio
  • A horse makes me happier than many people. - Anonymous
  • Life is a short, deep and easy gallop, but on horseback it is strength and spirit, as well as freedom and confidence. It is who we are with an open heart. - Gabriel Oliverio

Beautiful horse phrases

These horse phrases are especially beautiful and make us reflect on the majesty of the equine species, so brave and docile at the same time:

  • To be with the horses, joy is essential, as it brings grace, beauty, spirit and freedom into contact. - Sharon Ralls
  • A horse won't care what you know, only how much you care about him. Put your hand on your horse and your heart on it. - Pat Parelli
  • The earth would be nothing without sand, while man would be nothing without a horse. - Anonymous
  • When I guide it, I soar, I am like a hawk. The air trots, the earth sings when it touches it, and the lowest horn on its helmet is more musical than Hermes's pipe. - William Shakespeare
  • Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul remains asleep. - Anatole France

Horse phrases for Instagram

¿You want to make a publication in networks and you need ideas? ¡Here we leave you some!

  • Stars full of wisdom and courage shine in the horse's eyes to guide the men of heaven. - Jodie Mitchell
  • Riding a horse is borrowing freedom. - Helen Thompson
  • A rhythmic, smooth and slippery movement. An absolute purpose and the pleasure of movement. This is the flight of the horse. - Larry Niven
  • A horse gallops with his lungs, follows with his heart and wins with his charisma. - Tesio
  • You can see beautiful things that make you cry, however, none of them can match the grace and beauty of a horse in freedom. - Anonymous

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Phrases for beautiful and short horses

It goes without saying much to describe a horse, ¿sure? These are some examples of short, simple horse phrases that touch our hearts:

  • The horse is the reflection of your soul. - Buck Brannaman
  • A horse lends humans its missing wings. - Pam Brown
  • There is no philosopher who can understand as well as a dog or a horse. - Herman melville
  • The history of mankind is on the back of a horse. - Anonymous
  • To fly, we must take charge. - Melissa James

Country and horse phrases

In this section of our list of phrases for horses we will leave you with some reflections that, in the middle of nature, will make you better understand the nature and sensitivity of the horse:

  • There are wonderful places in the world, but my favorite is on the back of my horse. - Rolf Kopfle
  • A horse allows you to fly without wings. - Anonymous
  • For many the words love, hope and dream are synonymous with horse. - Anonymous
  • Every horse deserves, at least once, to be loved by a girl. - Anonymous
  • The air in the sky is what blows into the ears of a horse. - Arabic proverb

Horse cowgirl phrases

The man most attached to the horse is, of course, the cowboy, so the following horse phrases inspired by the world of cowboys:

  • A true cowboy knows love, pain, and shame, but doesn't care about fame. - Anonymous
  • The man on top of the horse is physically and spiritually much larger than a man on foot. - John Steinbeck
  • You can recognize a true cowboy by the type of horse he rides. - Anonymous
  • I can still believe that there is no living being as beautiful as the horse. - John Galsworthy
  • Cowboys are gentlemen who treat women with respect, men who work hard and ride horses like there is no tomorrow. - Anonymous
  • Riding a pony is a childhood dream. Riding a horse is a treasure of adulthood. - Rebecca Carroll
  • A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse. - William James
  • Today we have forgotten how strange it is that an animal as immense, powerful and intelligent as a horse can allow another animal, much weaker, to ride on its back. - Peter gray
  • No man should have cowboy boots in his closet except, of course, when he is a real cowboy. - Paul Weller
  • A true cowboy is not afraid of getting dirty. - Lane Frost
  • We can describe a cowboy in three words: blood, mud, and glory. - Anonymous
  • To start with, buy a cowboy hat and boots. Only then will you be on your way to becoming a true Texan. - James A. Michener
  • Jeans are tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. - Anonymous

Love phrases with horses

We finish our list of horse phrases with some lines that will help you express love that many human beings have come to feel for this animal throughout the history of mankind:

  • Heaven can never be heaven if my horse is not there to welcome me. - Anonymous
  • There is no better place to heal a broken heart than the back of a horse. - Missy Lyons
  • Understanding the soul of a horse is the closest thing, for a human being, to knowing perfection. - Anonymous
  • A good rider can hear his horse speak. A great rider can hear his horse whisper. - Anonymous
  • If you ask me for poetry in motion I will show you a horse. - Anonymous

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