False rumors about the Coronavirus

Today false rumors about the coronavirus abound. Although rumors are characterized by being information whose veracity is in doubt, most of those who have heard about this new and terrible disease leave thousands of users confused..

The arrival of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has put the lives of many in check; all the plans have changed, many are afraid and, of course, the chains and messages through social networks do not stop circulating. Many fear even for their pets.

But what to believe? Many recommend sprays with natural plants, others have made more absurd recommendations, such as placing hair dryers on the face, and endless unreasonable suggestions that, instead of helping, could rather cause more damage.

These harmful suggestions have arisen because people have false beliefs about this dangerous virus and then any occurrence turns it into a prevention method.

However, it is worth noting that the only entity in charge of imparting truthful information is the World Health Organization (WHO) and, that is why, before proceeding to fill the house with onions, garlic, and any type of condiments - such as many "experts " recommend through social networks-, it is better to follow the WHO page.

Only WHO can provide us with truthful information and even indicate the geographical distribution of the virus, the recovered people, travel advice, and other questions..

For now, we will clear up some rumors that are circulating irresponsibly.

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      False rumors about the coronavirus

      Among the false rumors about the coronavirus, the most frequent are the following:

      1. Drinking alcohol could protect you: this is fake. On the contrary, in addition to adding other health problems, alcohol consumption will not save you from the Coronavirus.
      2. If you expose yourself to the sun, you will not get Coronavirus: this information too It is wrong. Although it was believed that the virus did not resist high temperatures, the truth is that exposure to temperatures above 25 ° C does not help prevent.

      Even if the weather is very warm, or the day promises a lot alone, in these countries where the sun is king, there are also people who have been infected with Coronavirus. It is also worth noting that there are no vaccines so far and the only way to protect yourself is by washing your hands frequently, for at least twenty seconds. Also, you should avoid touching your nose and your face in general..

      1. If you hold your breath for ten seconds and do not feel any discomfort, it is because you do not have the disease: this is also fake and it is not a method that works to rule out other diseases of pulmonary origin.

      Among the main symptoms of COVID-19 are a dry cough, fever and fatigue. Those who develop the disease more severely may present pictures of pneumonia. The ideal way to know if you have the virus is not by holding your breath, but through tests in the laboratory. This breathing exercise could rather be dangerous. Avoid following these scam tips.

      1. ANDThe virus is preserved for life: this it is a falsehood. The person can recover from the Coronavirus and live without it in their body. That is why, if a person contracts the disease, it is best to start treating the symptoms immediately and contact a nearby health center by phone. Well, thanks to supportive care, many patients have managed to recover without the virus subsisting in their bodies..

      More false rumors about the Coronavirus

      • There are areas where the virus cannot be transmitted: again, we confirm that this information is completely false. Well, the virus can spread in any area, regardless of whether the prevailing climate is humid or warm..

      No matter in which area you reside, always take the protection measures indicated by the WHO, especially if cases of Coronavirus have already been reported in your area, or if you move to one of these areas where there are infected people.

      Always keep in mind that you should wash your hands on a recurring basis, this way you could eliminate the virus that is present in them and avoid getting it to the eyes, mouth and nose.

      • Snow and cold can kill the virus: this is also flatly false. Well, regardless of the external weather conditions, the body always maintains a normal temperature between 36.5 ° and 37 °; so there is no reason to believe that cold can kill the virus.

      What you can do is clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, or use plenty of soap and water..

      • Bathing in hot water can kill the virus or prevent it: this is another of the false information that is circulating. The temperature of the water in the bathtub or in the bliss does not matter, because the body temperature will continue to be the same, as mentioned, of 36.5 ° or 37 °. Rather, if the water is very hot, the person could injure their skin. Hand washing continues to be the best method to prevent disease.

      The coronavirus can be transmitted by mosquito bites: this is also FALSE.  This type of virus is respiratory and spreads through contact between infected people, through small drops of saliva when sneezing or coughing, or secretions from the nose. Although the information is constantly updated, so far there is no evidence or information that mosquitoes can transmit the new Coronavirus.



      Please do not pay attention to information that circulates irresponsibly and follow the instructions provided by the World Health Organization.

      Also discard the belief that bathing with chlorine or alcohol can eliminate the virus, since it is only effective to clean surfaces, but in the body, it can cause damage.

      If you want to be safe, keep the appropriate distance from other people, especially if they have a fever or cough, and have good hygiene of both the respiratory tract and the hands, avoiding believing in the false rumors about the Coronavirus that circulate today and, above all, remember to protect the elderly from Covid-19.

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