Facilitate the snack of the little ones

Eating can sometimes be really sticky. Sauces that stain everything, sugar that leaves a mark on your hands and everything you touch, or gelatin that does not go to three. Especially when it comes to the little ones, eating can be an odyssey. A fight against neatness.

But luckily, There are tricks as good as this to facilitate children's snacks. Sometimes it must be recognized that ingenuity can change everything. Something horrible and complicated can end up being simple and fun.

This is a clear example of it, and we will only need a couple of plastic containers (or any small container that fits) and a couple of minutes. Clever? Pay attention because you will want to do it even for yourself.

This detail serves as a compartment separator and, in addition, ensures cleaning that would otherwise be difficult. Even We can use a couple of large "plugs " of cream or similar jars, or some of those small fruit containers. 

The key is that they fit in our snack jar. The rest will seem like a piece of cake, and the possibilities that this simple detail opens up will be considered infinite at best.

Snack time is a luxury if we live it like this.

Source: Tasty Junior

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