Decorative labels: the touch of distinction to our gifts

A gift is one of the expressions of love, affection, respect, admiration, esteem and companionship that we can have with another person. When we make a gift, we are not just giving an object to another. As well we dedicate our time to it. Our thought and effort. That's why we want the gift to impress from the first moment. And for that, a detail that cannot be overlooked is to add decorative labels to give a touch of distinction to the present that we are going to deliver..

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Decorative labels for any occasion

Decorative labels can be used on countless occasions. It doesn't matter what the gift format is: envelopes, cards, albums, letters


Everything will be embellished with the addition of a decorative label. Something that is also very comfortable and simple to achieve a super beautiful result.

A gift for a couple will always be better if we also add the perfect label. Not only because we will write the name of the recipient by hand, which will take us back to the romantic era of letters in this 21st century of depersonalized messages via mobile phones. But because also, choosing the right design, We will show the other how important it is to us.

There are many different designs for these types of situations. Shaped labels heart, star or flower they are excellent options. The most chosen: lily, lotus, narcissus and rose.

Labels are generally sold by the sheet. Each sheet includes many stickers, so we must choose the design correctly because after we can use it again.

To give gifts to the couple, it is ideal. Because every time our loved one receives an envelope with that special label, they will begin to feel the emotion we want to convey to you with our gift before you start to open the gift.

Also for corporate presents

Companies have within their usual routines send official or present communications to their customers and employees on a regular basis, or for dates and special occasions.

Cards, catalogs or letters will attract the attention of any recipient if they include one of these colorful and attractive elements.. A label of your own, with colors, letters and typical designs related to our company, will help us to consolidate the concept of our firm.

Decorative labels will undoubtedly give you the special touch we want to have as a company. Our communications will be different from any other. And the decoration of our envelopes or cards will have an added value that will differentiate itself from the competitors thanks to a personalized decorative label.

Ideally, the decorative labels that we use in the presents that we send be self-adhesive. This will make it easier for us to prepare the gifts because thanks to this feature it will be much easier for us to hook them up. And it will also be easier to remove it from the gift wrap and save it for whoever receives it, in case you want to archive our decorative label. This last case, obviously, will be much more in personal gifts and not in decorative presents.

The universe of decorative labels

In addition to all the benefits that we are reviewing about the use of decorative labels on letters and envelopes, we cannot lose sight of the merely functional objective of these elements.

Before being decorative, labels are used to identify well the sender and / or receiver of a letter, envelope or card. If we want our present to reach the right hands, adding a label will reduce the margin of error in the transport of our gift.

Now, in addition to arriving correctly, we want the visual impact of being in the hands of our guests is favorable. So, we must study well which model of the wide range of decorative labels that exist we are going to choose.

For that, there is various features of our gifts that we are going to take into account when choosing our decorative label.

Sizes, colors and letters

If our envelope is small, we cannot put a very large label on it, because that way will hide the entire gift wrapping design. This will make it seem that who sends the gift is more important, when in reality the most important thing is always the person who is going to receive it. We as senders, we must stand out for good taste and distinction. We can achieve that with the appropriate label.

It is not advisable to choose a label with the same colors as the envelope packaging, as that way it will not stand out in the total gift package. And so, our effort will be lost to choose a suitable label.

As for corporate presents, a sober label may be the touch we are looking for. But sober does not mean boring. There are many different colors that can identify our company. And also, a long list of typography fonts to choose the one indicated for the message and sentiment that we want to convey with our gift.. 

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