This is what climate change has done with the Chacaltaya glacier

Climate change exists and affects us daily. If we pay attention we can see small changes that are becoming apparent little by little. Some think that this may be an exaggeration, or even an invention, but the truth is that science has shown that we are facing a real threat to the planet.

Millions of people give free rein to ignorance and decide to turn a deaf ear to something more than obvious. And there are too many facts that make the problem we face palpable.

To understand or believe it, you don't even need to resort to graphs or messy statistics. We just have to look at images like this one, in which a glacier should appear that is no longer there.

Where there used to be snow, now only rocks remain. The Chacaltaya glacier was, until a few years ago, the highest ski slope on the planet. However, it was the first tropical glacier to disappear due to climate change in modern times..

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  • Evolution of the Chacaltaya glacier

Evolution of the Chacaltaya glacier

This wonder that we can no longer see was located 30 kilometers from the capital of Bolivia and had its ski slope at more than 5,400 meters of altitude, something that placed it higher than Everest base camp.

With more than 18,000 years, its disappearance was predicted in the 90s., something that has become real before its time. And it is that for about six years we can no longer see a trace of what this frozen mountain was. 

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