This is the least you'll see the oldest gymnast on Earth do

Although no one would say, this woman is 91 years old and is an expert gymnast. There is no element that resists it, neither by land nor by air nor on mats or bars. Her name is Johanna Quaas and she is the oldest active gymnast in the world. She represents Germany and at 91 she has more flexibility than most teenagers. What's more, not even someone used to doing sports would have to be able to do the same as this super-old woman..

See her not only It is a spectacle and an inspiration, but it gives you the creeps with its risky movements. However any jury would give it a good score.

The most veteran of the gymnasts is so fit that she handles the bar just as well as the track or the bench. And it is not only a matter of physical abilities but you have to put in hours and desire, his attitude says as much or more than his results. There is nothing like finding something we like and exploiting it, developing it like there is no tomorrow and we become experts.

This strong woman teaches us that age is just a number, especially when we dedicate ourselves to what we like. We have years of experience or we have started nothing, it is never too late to exercise, to enjoy in the way we have always wanted.

That without counting on the plus that is for our body and mind to be in good shape. Mens sāna in corpore sānō.

May your story serve as a trigger for all those who doubt behind the screen in taking risks, in doing something or starting new things.

Source: Georgia

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