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Anxiety and stress

The stress and anxiety are two health problems that more and more people suffer, due to the hectic lifestyle that prevails today. The causes can be varied: overwork, family conciliation, social relationships, economic difficulties, etc. Endless reasons that can cause our body to react in a way that is beyond our control, and can lead to more serious problems.

Many times we suffer from the symptoms, but rarely do we give them enough importance to take action. And it is something that should be done urgently, as the consequences can be mild or serious..

Difficulty breathing

Increases in heart rate, shortness of breath, tremors or cold sweats in everyday situations are unequivocal indicators that we are suffering from stress or anxiety. So far, we have considered it as something very negative.

But psychologist Kelly McGonigal has a point of view that is, to say the least, revolutionary. His idea is to transform them into our allies.

Although this premise may seem shocking, it is very well argued in his TED talk, which is worth listening to even if we think that we do not suffer from any of these problems, since you never know when they may appear..

The talk is very interesting but remember that if you suffer from any of these problems and it prevents you from leading a normal life, it is best to consult a qualified specialist.

Source: TED

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