This precious rabbit has become famous for having ears that look like real wings

This is Wally, an English Angora rabbit born in July of last year in Massachusetts, United States. It is likely that all your reaped fame and success come from the look of your ears -which remind us of a pair of wings- or because it really looks like a stuffed bunny.

All rabbits are adorable on their own, but you have to admit that Wally is above average. Together with Molly, its owner, they have managed to coin thousands of followers on Instagram, a site where you can see all the adventures they run together.

What people rave about most about the animal is Wally's flattering haircut and incredibly photogenic that it is. Here you have a few examples:

It turns out that Angora rabbits are a of the oldest domestically raised. They were mainly bred for their long, soft fur in Ankara, Turkey, becoming very popular in 18th century France. Today, English Angora rabbits have become the latest fashion in pets, since they look like stuffed animals. Molly assures that Wally "It is a wonderful pet ".

In fact, on his Instagram we can see how the rabbit enjoys his long days of rest, the different hairstyles that he sports with a lot of hair accessories and how he celebrates his delicious and nutritious meals.

Wally has turned out to be the perfect example to represent how docile this species can be, turning it into a perfect companion animal for all audiences.

In fact, in many of the images we cannot help but think that it closely resembles puppies, although rabbits have a reputation for being a fearful species by nature. The truth is that Wally doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, character that perfectly illustrates the photographs that Molly uploads daily, either having an adventure in the garden or playing with one of her stuffed animals.

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