This dog reassures with hugs all the animals that arrive terrified at the shelter

Dogs that remain in a shelter after being abandoned, wait anxiously for you to some good human come to them to give them a second chance.

Dogs often arrive at the shelter in a sorry state. The owners did not have time for them and it showed in terms of physical appearance and, above all, in terms of health. Charlie, a Catahoula breed dog, was delivered to a shelter in Denver, United States, with an overweight that exceeded 15 kilograms.

This dog, which itself has a large complexion, had serious health problems due to the poor diet he had had throughout his life. So much so that the shelter staff thought Charlie was having seizures, but in reality they were the gasps from when I had to make any effort.

Despite all the inconveniences, Charlie did not stop in search of a family and the Dumb Friends League shelter decided to look for him. a foster home, while waiting for a family to adopt him.

Alaina Bupp and her husband welcomed Charlie into their home, where he would initially stay for a month. The recovery of the animal was surprisingly fast, and it showed in the character.

The first month passed, but the Bupp family was clear: "We both wanted to keep him, we both decided he was a permanent member of our family ".

Seeing Charlie's recovery and how he soon regained his illusion, the Bupp family decided to continue welcoming more dogs so they weren't alone in a shelter while they found a definitive home.

The first to appear was a Chihuahua that was thinner than normal, so most of the time it was very cold. Nevertheless, in Charlie he found more than 45 kg of unconditional heat, who protected the dogs that arrived with warm hugs.

The calm that Charlie transmitted to all the dogs that passed by became contagious, as if he had a special gift for it. Over the past three years, our hero of the day has helped over 13 terrified dogs. Charlie gave them the confidence they needed and showed them that human beings were good, at least most of them.

Source: The Dodo

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