This dog is hungry and his human won't feed him for good reason

When it is said that dogs "just need to talk," a more than correct statement is made. They are extremely communicative animals and, if you have lived with one, you know that it is easy to identify their thoughts based on their gestural and body language. This, in addition, is accentuated when it comes to basic needs, such as food.

In this video we see how clearly this German Shepherd puppy tells his human that he is hungry and that, please, refill his plate.

The reluctant attitude of this person to do it is strange at first, but at the end of the video it is revealed that he has a good reason and without a doubt he will make you laugh at the "nose " that the puppy has.

A hilarious video that you should not miss, seriously.

Source: Pomegranate Shunshine

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