This father can't wait for his son to be born to start playing with him. Look how the baby responds!

More and more is known about what actually happens to the fetus in the womb. Recent research has been able to show that, from the 5th month of gestation, the ear develops and they distinguish perfectly the voice of their mother from that of other people. It is the right time to start stimulating him by talking to him and putting music on him. Both are very beneficial for the future baby..

But let's not forget the rest of the family, especially the mother's partner. It is also important that you interact with your child so that bonds are created between the two of you before birth..

In the following endearing video we can see a father eager to play with his future offspring, and it is never too early to have fun. We also check how the fetus responds to these stimuli and moves within the uterus in what, perhaps, is its way of responding to it and communicating with it..

Some very funny and curious images that you cannot miss.

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