This koala is delighted to receive hugs and tickles from his favorite caregiver

Animals, although they understand motherhood differently from us, they depend a lot on the mother figure the first months. Not only for a nutritional issue, but also because that is where the wisdom of survival lies.

That is why some animals that lose their mother at too young an age must be rescued, in order to ensure their education and subsequent survival in a hostile environment.

Harry is a koala who was orphaned at 4 months of age, when his mom died of leukemia. It was then that this little boy was rescued and taken to the facilities of Symbio Wildlife Park, on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. In order for the little koala to learn everything he needs, another adult koala has crossed his path playing the role of mother. And it is that just at 4 months of age, koalas receive the secretion of a vital substance that allows these animals to properly digest eucalyptus leaves.

The change has been significant for Harry, who in addition to everything he learns from Imogen, his new mother, enjoy the pampering of a very special caregiver: Tami Wilson. And it is that between Harry and Tami there has been an unusual connection, and they wrap themselves in pampering every time they see each other.

While Harry finishes recovering and adapting to what will soon be his medium, Tami gives her as many hugs and pampering as possible, leaving us images as tender as the ones we show you today.

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park

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