This husky represents all those people who hate getting up early

Every time the alarm goes off, a soul is saddened for life. Especially if it's Monday. If you get up early because you want to, great, but there is no way to take that of having to get out of bed by force.

The warm sheets, the soft mattress and the pleasure of being able to sleep soundly, it is really difficult to suddenly leave paradise. It costs us and it costs our pets.

Do you recognize yourself in this image? Covering your face with your hands and begging to turn off the light. Thinking about what you have done to deserve this.

Asking for 5 more minutes  and praying for the longest minutes ever. No strength to lift your head and do something that will break your heart.

Zeus the husky, does not attend to reasons or negotiations. Not even when his owner reprimands him does he flinch. Have you ever seen something like that?

Seeing Zeus You don't really know whether to show solidarity with him and start crying or laughing heartily because of how funny it is.

It's clear that getting up early is bad business. Hardly anyone likes it, we delay the alarm clock and refuse to get out of bed. But this puppy puts so much pain on the matter that he wins anyone. I hadn't seen any living thing beg like this before.

Source: Lindsay Fleishman

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