This man loves his job bathing dogs so much that he can't help but dance

It shows when someone loves their job. You can see in the results, which are better, and in the treatment as well. How nice when you find someone who enjoys what he does and makes you walk away with a smile. Especially in trades where you are facing the public but also in any other.

If you go to Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can find an example of someone who loves their job. His name is Luis Antonio Caballero and he is not only limited to washing, combing or cutting the puppies at his canine salon. Enjoy what he does and shows it dancing. This Argentinian works to the beat of music and spreads his joy to his canine clients.

Together with his wife, Gabriela, he runs his business called PetShop Perrito Feliz and makes both the dogs and the owners happy, who leave delighted with the treatment received.

And it was she herself who immortalized her husband while dancing with one of the dogs. Gabriela was making some tea when she saw what her husband was doing. And although it is nothing new this time he could not resist recording it with his mobile phone.

It recorded the perfect moment, so much so that the video has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times. Okay, I was listening to B52's Love Shack and couldn't resist the dance but it's also great.

Luis Antonio also spends his free time rescuing homeless dogs from the streets and finding a home for them. This 58 year old hero could not do better, he brings happiness to his surroundings and makes the world a little better with his attitude and selfless actions. 

This man deserves more than one award.

Source: Boredpanda

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