This farmer became the president of a country. His words are true life lessons

Chauffeur service, servants, security, luxury and first class. If world leaders and their government teams are characterized by something, it is by the extreme ease with which they spend other people's money.

Most of the rulers live in a parallel world, totally removed from the problems and dramas that affect the population..

You just have to look carefully at the money they charge for their services. Currently the minimum interprofessional salary is set at 648 euros per month, while the food allowances of a deputy amount to 870 euros. It does not take an expert to realize that something is wrong, when a deputy spends more on eating than a citizen on living.

Among so much incoherence, simpler and closer representatives are missed, such as the president of Uruguay, José Mujica. A politician who has broken the mold by showing the world that he knows how to live and govern with humility.

Grandson of Basque immigrants, farmer and former political prisoner, Mujica's life has not been ordinary or simple. Its plain origin and its great common sense make each of its ideas a pearl of wisdom that they would do well to copy as many other leaders.

Listen to this charismatic politician and his incredible philosophy of life, an ode to simplicity and humility that you cannot miss..

Original: Jose ’s interview - URUGUAY - #HUMAN

Source: Lavozdelmuro

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