This baby tastes ice cream for the first time - check out his amazing reaction

Every day is a discovery for a baby, especially in the eating stage. Going from breast milk to trying new textures and flavors is a success. And if the new flavor to try is ice cream. Videos of reactions of babies trying different foods for the first time are quite popular. But the face of this baby who tastes ice cream for the first time is something special.

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The video of the controversy

The parents had the "brilliant " idea to film her while they gave her a taste of ice cream and her reaction was so surprising as cute and funny.

In the video, from which no provenance is known, you can see that the father has it in his skirts and brings him closer an ice cream cone for the drink to make its first glorious tasting. A third person that we could suppose to be the mother, is in charge of treasuring the moment.

The first bite was a bit shy and suspicious. But in a matter of seconds, the surprised face and immediate smile, confirm that this baby has a new favorite food. The next move is decisive: he goes straight for the ice cream, with determination and decision, taking the ice cream without shame and with the conviction worthy of a fan..

Her parents reacted to the laughter in front of the attitude of the baby. The video went viral on the networks and received thousands of comments fascinated by your reaction.

However, not everyone is so excited about the video of this baby trying ice cream for the first time.. Some professionals were against, warning about the sugar levels that ice cream may contain, in addition to the presence of cow's milk, not recommended for children of that age.

Those two components are precisely two of the prohibited foods for babies.

Gbasic guide for the correct feeding of a baby

Before 6 months

The babies newborns and during the first 6 months should be fed breast milk exclusively.

Breastfeeding offers countless benefits for the child, mother and family, and should be extended for two years or more. Breast milk is the best food and the most complete that the child under 6 months can receive. It provides you with all the elements you need for your healthy growth and development. Mother's milk is adapted to the needs and possibilities of her child and therefore is digested more easily than any other milk.

Breast milk contains all the fluid your baby needs for the first 6 months.. No need to supply or water, no juices, no other liquids.

Between 6 and 8 months

From 6 months it is necessary supplement breast milk, adding other foods little by little. The ideal is 2 or 3 meals a day, adding breast milk on demand.

The introduction of other foods should not be delayed beyond 6 months and you can start by giving once a day a few tablespoons of porridges combining such as potato, sweet potato and pumpkin.

A few weeks later they can be added small pieces of meat fat free and well crumbled.

From the seventh month you can add some others shredded vegetables, pulses, rolled oats, etc.. In addition to adding some dessert with milk in the style of rice pudding and semolina. It can also be added lightly toasted bread and dry biscuits type toast.

It is important to add a fruit and a vegetable per day

Between 9 and 12 months

From the ninth month, the regularity in meals is present and the 4 daily meals are known as breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Always with the addition of breast milk on demand of the baby.

At this height I could already eat the fresh fruits, well washed and cut into small pieces. Tomato pulp, beetroot, spinach, grated corn and all fish, taking good care of removing the thorns.

The diet should be as varied as possible to prevent them from getting tired or bored of the same flavors; also, so that the boys learn to eat a little of everything.

Remember that it is not necessary add salt. The food already has enough natural salt and it is not advisable for children to get used to very salty flavors from a young age. The same goes for the sugar. Although children like this taste a lot, they should not get used to adding sugar in an exaggerated way.

The ideal drink throughout this period, apart from breast milk, is the drinking water

Food to avoid at this stage they are: cold cuts, hamburgers, sausages, highly seasoned foods, dairy products, and honey. The latter may contain substances that are toxic to the baby..

From the first year

By the first birthday, the baby is ready to eat a full medium plate. Later, at two years, you will need more or less a complete common plate.

Share food with the rest of the family it is a human activity with many important meanings. One of them is join the family, give and receive affection, feel valuable to others, and communicate. At the table they are not only learning to eat, but develop the habit of eating, develop new behaviors with the group, such as sharing, waiting, using the glass; etc.

It is important to take into account that the varied and pleasant presentation of the meals, as well as a calm atmosphere, stimulate in the child the desire to eat. Like the baby who tastes ice cream for the first time. But maybe it was the wrong food.

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