This baby won't stop crying until his father gives him something very special

Sometimes we don't know what can we do to calm the crying of children, especially when it comes to babies, as we do not know the exact cause why they are crying, whether it is pain, sleepiness, hunger or any other discomfort.

This situation can be very desperate for parents who try to relieve their children but cannot find an effective remedy. Well, the solution is often closer than we thought, It's in the sense of smell!

The smell of very young babies is highly developed. Smell provides children with many important sensations about their immediate surroundings that give them security. They can distinguish different types and intensities of odors. But without a doubt, the smell most familiar to them it's his own mother's, since it learns to recognize it before leaving its belly.

In the video that we will see below, the baby does not stop crying and in this situation, it occurs to the father to give the little one a shirt of his mother who is not there at the time. This, when noticing the smell that characterizes his mother impregnated in the garment, recognizes it immediately And automatically stop crying! Really amazing:


Summary Article Name You will not believe how this baby stops crying Description The baby does not stop crying and the father happens to give him a shirt from his mother that is missing so the baby recognizes his scent, and stops crying! Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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