This baby is looking for the smartest way to get off a bed that was too high

The babies they are discovering the world from our hand, They are discovering that there are certain difficulties that must be overcome, as well as the respect you have to have for certain things so as not to hurt ourselves, such as sharp things or fire.

When we have a baby next to us it seems that we are also discovering the nature of the human being, and it is that if we always use our heads to do good, the human being could do many more wonderful things.

Today we bring you a video that demonstrates this, that the creativity and reasoning of the human being has no limits and, as far as I know, he is not old either.

A baby tries to get off a bed but sees that it is too high for him and could hurt himself. However, he does not stay in bed, nor cry for an adult to come to rescue him, think intelligently the best way to get off.

Sure the strategy of this little one surprises you and at least it will make you smile.

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