This old man pretended to have a headache for a reason that will excite you

Today, we are going to tell you one of those stories that touch our hearts, for his waste of emotion and tenderness. Prepare the handkerchief, because we assure you that you will need it


Last week, an 84-year-old man named Óscar was treated at the Spanish Regional Hospital in Bahía Blanca (Argentina). Arrived at the hospital complaining of a severe headache, referred to as a headache. However, his ailment was very different, as one of the nurses who treated him points out on his Facebook profile.

Apparently that same day this nice old man I was 84 years old, and in order not to spend that special day alone, he decided to fake this pain to be, for at least a few hours, accompanied. 4 years ago he lost his wife, he has no children or close family, so poor Oscar feels really alone.

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Thus, these three nurses decided to buy him a cake accompanied by a candle and they inflated some latex gloves like balloons, to make this day a little more special to this nice "sick ". Óscar was so grateful for that unexpected attention that, even, the wish he asked when he blew was that the same thing happen to him next year.

Óscar, like millions of other elderly people, is part of a group sadly little remembered by the rest of society that are the elderly who live alone. Loneliness is an enemy that can appear at any time in our lives, moreover, when we get older and that if not alleviated, it can lead to mental and physical deterioration, in addition to premature death.

Let us take care of our elders, so that they never feel alone, just as we would with ourselves, because loneliness can knock on your door when you least expect it.

Source: Gisel Rach

Summary Article Name Elderly man pretends to have a headache so that he is not alone on his birthday Description On the same day that this old man turned 84, he pretended to have a headache and went to the hospital so as not to spend that special day alone. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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