These twins of a few months have rhythm in their blood. Get ready to smile non-stop!

Twins are individuals that result from a single pregnancy. This occurs in those species in which parturition does not usually produce more than one individual..

Human twins are individuals who share the uterus in the same pregnancy, since they are often, but not necessarily, conceived at the same time and are born almost at the same time..

As a rule, the gestation of multiple births tends to be advanced naturally, and also artificially, towards week 37, three earlier than usual. Being premature births, the whole process is treated as "risk pregnancy ".

The birth of a baby is a beautiful and stressful event, especially the first months of life. If we talk about twins, or even triplets, yes etc, the thing multiplies.

But not only the work is multiplied, but also the joy and affection, giving you such special, magical and fun moments as the mother who records the following tender images.

Get ready to laugh and dance to the rhythm of these precious babies!

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