They were recording the flight of seagulls and a group of whales made their viral video

The best discoveries happen by chance. Penicillin, Teflon or Velcro are some of the things that have been discovered inadvertently. While we look for or pay attention to one thing, something quite different happens that changes everything. The same thing happened to the occupants of this boat.

They were recording a beautiful sunset full of seagulls flying when something much bigger than these birds surprised them.

No one expected such an appearance, in fact It is quite scary to be surrounded by such large animals without warning.

The cetaceans appeared first timidly, sticking their heads out like someone who has just risen. Feeling the surface and the situation. Then, the humans witnessing such a spectacle were already shouting "oh my god, oh my god" from his little boat.

But the thing did not stop there, but their enormous body continued to appear to the delight of all. The yubarta or gubarte, also called humpback whale, It is a species of cetacean in the Balaenopteridae family. The adults they can measure from 12 to 16 meters and reach a weight of about 36,000 kilos.

The fascination of those who see them in action is almost equaled with the feeling of being tiny. The human being facing the sea always remains like a little piece in the middle of the blue vastness and his creatures.

Source: Brad Rich

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