This dog holds the corpse of her baby, victim of one of the tragic fires in Galicia

Last week, we were talking about how a dog managed to save an elderly couple in one of the terrible fires that devastated much of Galicia (Spain) in recent days.

This impressive wave of fires has affected many areas of the North of Portugal, Asturias (Spain) and Galicia (Spain). This last community has been one of the most affected, where a total of 11,500 hectares have been calcined, according to official sources. The causes of the fires are currently being investigated since there is a large suspicion that these have been intentionally provoked.

Today, again, we bring you one of the harsh images that these fires that have devastated the Galician community have left us. In the cover image, we can see the bleak picture of a little bitch holding with her mouth the corpse of her pup totally burned by the fire.


This shocking image was taken in the village of Chandebrito, in Pontevedra, the same place where two old women and their dog were trapped by the fire, as we discussed last week. Apparently, the dog was able to save herself from the fire that started in that municipality last Sunday the 15th, but when she returned home in search of her puppy, sadly found it totally calcined.

Facts like these, which show us once again, that both humans and animals would give our lives for each other. Fire affects us all, humans and animals.

Source: Herald

Summary Article Name This bitch holds the corpse of her pup, victim of one of the tragic fires in Galicia Description The bleak image of a dog holding with her mouth the corpse of her pup that could not escape the fires in Galicia. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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