This sick sheep has found an unexpected nurse

Friendship does not understand limits or barriers. There is nothing like the love that friends profess, which can become unstoppable. And not only between humans, but also in the animal world or even between species or races.

A more than beautiful example is given by this kitten (who was rescued when he was little) and his best friend: a lamb that she cares for so that she recovers soon from her illness.

With his pampering the cat makes the sheep feel better and it is easier for him to recover. There's nothing like honey and love, it can be so good that it achieves things that we did not even consider. It is so beautiful to see it as for them to live it.

The kitten also allows himself to be pampered when his friend feels better. There is no relationship worth its salt without it working in both directions.

They both make such a good team because their love and care are reciprocal.

It's such an adorable video that you won't be able to watch it just once.

Source: The Dodo

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