This image hides a message that many do not see with the naked eye

Many couples live with dogs when they decide to increase the family. The arrival of a baby at home when there are already pets living in it is an event that should be planned a little in advance, so that the animals do not feel uncomfortable or displaced.

The reaction of their pets is something that many fear, but the truth is that if it is done naturally and with love, there need not be any kind of problem: neither anxiety, nor stress, nor feeling of abandonment. On the contrary, the normal thing is that the animals accept the new member of the "pack " as if it were their own cub and there is nothing more rewarding than watching our children grow up with our best friends.

However, there is something much better than that and that is when our baby and a puppy come home, practically at the same time. By observing them, you realize how much we resemble animals when we are babies and that puts your feet on the ground.

You understand, although as a lover of animals you already knew, that they are our equals and that, in essence, we are all part of the same, of something bigger than us.

It is a great feeling to know that "your babies " will grow up together, that they will discover the world and they will be the best friends for many years. And it should comfort you to know that you are giving your child the opportunity to know, from his early days, what he is the dedication and unconditional love that animals give us.

When you see the next video, you will understand what I'm talking about. It is simple, it does not have much mystery, but if you try to see further, you will understand that those three "puppies " look a lot alike and you will feel the need to show these images to those who do not respect animals, so that they see that we are very similar to them and that they deserve the same respect and protection as our own children.

If you already know all this, simply relax and enjoy the beautiful image of these three babies napping. They are to eat them with kisses.

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