This photo went viral in a matter of seconds for a very special reason

When we know the story behind a photo, we can be surprised. And is that We know very well that not everything is what it seems, and that appearances can be deceiving. This is what happened while a boy sat eating a hamburger and looked askance at an elderly couple sitting near him.

They were at Wendy 's food chain, when the boy looked at the couple and thought "It's a very sweet picture." And he continued with his food as if nothing, but then he looked again and discovered that the man was feeding the woman.

When he saw it, the boy thought that "all his life he had longed for a love as strong as this." So when the man got up to throw away the remains of food, the boy did not hesitate to ask him how long they had been married..

"Before answering, the man looked at me and asked me to guess his age. After some conjecture he himself told me that he was 96 and his wife 93. And that besides, his wife suffers from Alzheimer's, the terrible disease that destroys memory ".

Best of all, this couple will celebrate in three months 75 years of marriage. So much time together, sharing good and bad moments, in addition to an infinite love is the greatest reward for any couple.

Getting old and helping each other in this way not only shocks the boy who witnessed the image, but any of us who we now know the beautiful truth behind this photograph. It couldn't have been a prettier story.

Source: Love What Matters

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