Choose the ideal pet for your lifestyle

Not all pets are for everyone, Today we advise you which is the most suitable animal for you, that is, which is your ideal pet according to your lifestyle.

An animal brings us many benefits, in addition to happiness and company, each pet benefits us in something, for example, many of them are indicated to perform certain therapies with children or adults.

What is undeniable is that each of these pets needs a lot of care and not everyone can afford to have one, since some require more attention, time and dedication on our part and it is not easy to combine it with our rhythm of life.

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Thinking about our availability of time, the space we have or the characteristics of a pet, are the keys to making the right choice when choosing a pet..
There are many who are encouraged to buy or adopt a pet. However, the care of domestic animals requires sensitivity and responsibility, so it is very important to know well our possibilities and the needs of our new "best friend ".

Choose according to your availability. Count the hours per day that you have free and consider the attention your pet needs. According to experts, "a cat requires less dedication than a dog, and even less do turtles, hamsters or parakeets ".

Choose the one that best represents you. Your ideal pet projects an image of yourself. Go for the one that best suits your way of being and your lifestyle. We tell you that more active people looking for plans to get out of the house tend to enjoy dogs more, while calm and independent people fit better with the habits of cats.

Measure your space. Animals need a place to live that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. Make sure your new partner will have a space to sleep, eat, play


So you can grow healthy and happy, and you can enjoy it much more.

Check your budget. The feeding of your pet, its sanitary care, its bed


All this costs money, which can vary greatly depending on the animal. According to the latest studies, Spanish families spend an average of 1,500 euros a year on their pet. Take a look at the prices before deciding on your ideal pet and you will avoid scares.

Think about your needs. Each type of pet best meets specific needs. For example, dogs can provide security, or the movement of fish is ideal to relax children.

Let yourself be advised. In Spain, six out of ten households have at least one pet, which adds up to about 20 million pets. Surely a friend of yours has one


Let yourself be advised by their experiences and discover how easy it is to meet people thanks to pets.

Seek professional opinion. For more complex or specific questions, don't forget that veterinarians are the best solution. In Spain there are about 4,700 centers, and almost 9,000 professionals in animal health. They will give you all the information you need, and they will advise you as good pet lovers.

Enjoy. Take on the choice of a pet with all the excitement that introducing a new friend into your life brings. Enjoy each new fact that you discover about the life of your animal, immerse yourself in its world and do everything possible to make it happy. According to Juan Salvador Silva, veterinarian at Marineland Catalunya, “the same process for choosing a pet is instructive and
fun, not only because you learn a lot along the way, but because after choosing well you discover the joy that the animal infects you ".


Man's Best Friend

It is well known that the dog is man's best friend, it is a very sociable animal and tremendously faithful to its owner. It is true that it is very grateful, but we must be aware that they require a lot of care and involve a large financial outlay.

You need to get out of the house several times, and in the case of large dogs, it is advisable to have a large space such as a garden or patio, since large dogs need to run to stay active and healthy. Keep in mind that there are some breeds of dogs that if left alone for long periods can develop some kind of problem in their behavior.

If you are a person who travels frequently, consider traveling with him or think of someone you trust to take care of him during your absence. Although if you are a person who is away from home for a long time traveling, we believe that perhaps a dog would not be your ideal pet right now..

Dogs have a fairly long life as a general rule, some of them depending on the breeds can be with you up to 17 years.

As we have mentioned before, having a dog is not cheap, although the dog is a mini breed and the amounts of food are smaller than that of a large one, there are other factors that must be taken into account that involve expenses such as toys, vet, deworming, etc. He is one more member of the family and we have to take care of him as such.

The independence of the cat

The good thing about having a cat is that it does not require you to take them out to the street to run or to relieve themselves, but you can take it out as long as you are sure that the neighborhood is safe or that you have a closed area such as a patio or terrace.

To prevent the cat from becoming aggressive and unloving, try to play with it, with a toy even to stimulate it.

It is not as grateful as a dog, nor as affectionate since they are more independent and look at their interest a lot, but they need you and they let you know it in their own way..

For the topic of travel, you should think about it, will you take it or leave it to a family member or friend? You also have to be aware that a cat can live up to 20 years.

Birds live for many years

A large bird, such as a parrot, can live for decades, but a small one, such as a parakeet, only a couple of years. A bird can be an ideal pet because they are so easy to care for. They do not require much attention, but they do need stimulation through toys or with you.

The size of the cage will depend on the size of the animal, and you will have to clean it often. The cage is recommended to clean at least once a week and spray your pet with water from time to time.

We recommend that you interact with him often to prevent him from ending up with bad habits, although in many cases it is thought that the solution is to find him another partner, this is not the case since they will need you to interact with them anyway.

Rodents are active and inexpensive

If you want to have a small, active pet that does not involve a high financial outlay, a rodent is a good option. You can choose from dwarf rabbits, hamsters, mice, etc..

They can be trained to obey when you call and come to you, but it takes a lot of time and dedication..

He will need a lot of room to move around, so it is good to provide ample space and toys for him to interact and clean his cage very often. A rodent does not live long, approximately up to 3 years.

The tranquility of the fish

If you are looking for a calm animal that does not require constant care, a fish is a good option, although keep in mind that depending on the type of water in which they live, it will be easier or more difficult to care for.

If you suffer from stress, fish can be an ideal pet, as they are said to have a calming effect and can help reduce anxiety and stress..

To take care of it you need an aquarium with a filtration system and you will have to clean (when necessary) the pumps, filters and the container and then fill it again.

It is important to understand that a pet is not an object of decoration, but on the contrary, it becomes a member of the family, so we must look for characteristics in them that suit our needs..

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