Is it normal for my dog ​​to move around while sleeping?

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¿What exactly happens when an organism is in a state of sleep? The truth is that even today this remains a mystery not completely solved by the scientific community, whether we are referring to human beings or if we are talking about the great diversity of existing animals or more specifically about our beloved pets..

If you live with a dog, you will have already been able to clearly perceive that sleep is of great importance to it and that it not only sleeps at night but also enjoys this habit during the day, being able to sleep a total of 16 hours a day if it is in its adult stage.

If you have stopped to observe your dog at this time, you may have noticed that he does not always remain completely still, you may have wondered, ¿It is normal for my dog ​​to move while sleeping? In this Animal Expert article we try to give you the answer.

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  1. The dream of the dogs
  2. Why does the dog move while it sleeps?
  3. My dog ​​has woken up agitated, what do I do?

The dream of the dogs

Dogs dream too, just like humans. This has been shown by various studies that have resulted in a brain wave pattern it does not differ excessively from the patterns that anyone can show throughout the different phases of sleep. It is also suggested that the function of sleep in dogs could be very similar to that of sleep in humans: to fix the experiences and learnings that have occurred during the day.

In summary, we can differentiate two very different phases in our pet's sleep:

  • Slow wave phase: corresponds to a light sleep where any external stimulus can easily wake up the dog.
  • Deep sleep phase: it is the well-known REM phase (Rapid Eyes Movement or Rapid Eye Movement). It is in this phase when the dog rests deeply and not only dreams but also nightmares occur..

If you observe your dog while he rests, you will have noticed that during the day his sleep is very light and he wakes up more easily. Dogs can generally reach a full sleep pattern (this means going through phases of slow wave and deep sleep repeatedly) starting at 9 p.m. and until approximately 4 a.m..

Why does the dog move while it sleeps?

The answer is very simple: the dog moves because it is dreaming and its organism try to recreate what is happening in the dream.

Obviously nature is wise, and as with humans, during the REM phase the body has a very reduced mobility, since recreating a dream when the dog is not aware of the real environment could be very dangerous and put your safety.

This means that it is normal for your dog to bark, move his muzzle or flap his paws quickly, but don't worry, he will never start running while asleep. When the dog dreams, he performs small movements that recreate what happens in his dream, but there is an important limitation of mobility which enables keep it safe.

My dog ​​has woken up agitated, what do I do?

Surely on some occasion you have had a nightmare that has caused you to wake up in a very abrupt and excited way, you should know that the same thing can happen to your dog, at least that is what the research carried out so far suggests.

If you ever observe this phenomenon in your dog, make use of all your understanding and empathy, approach him to caress and calm him, gently accompanying him to return to his real environment, where he will feel completely safe again.

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