Is it bad to sleep with my cat?

Cats can be very lonely animals, However, home kittens are more likely to always follow their owner, since most of the time they share the same spaces, that includes the bed. 

Many people think that sleep with cats it is not recommended, how many of us have not heard the following "You shouldn't sleep with your cat", Nevertheless, How true are these words

Do you want to know if it is bad to sleep with your cat?, So, pay special attention to this article, as we will teach you if it is good to sleep with your cat, and we will respond to the myths that hide behind this behavior of the felines

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  • What are the benefits of sleeping with my cat?
  • What are the Disadvantages of sleeping with my cat?
    • Some diseases transmitted by cats are:
  • How to sleep with my cat safely?
    • 1. Keep your room in a cool climate
    • 2. Avoid being exposed to the Outside
    • 3. Brush his Coat
  • Reasons why your cat wants to sleep with you
    • He feels comfortable next to you!
    • It's my bed!
    • I feel very cold!
  • To sleep with my cat or not?

What are the benefits of sleeping with my cat?

Sleeping with your kitten, can be one of the most relaxing experiences, Above all, its purr causes a lot of tranquility and will help you sleep on many occasions, and its company will make you feel calm and safe.. 

The temperature of cats, is usually greater than that of humans, Therefore, the company of your cat will keep you warm, and if your pet also feels quite cold, it will immediately seek you out for warmth.. 

What's more, sleeping with your cat strengthens your relationship, being quite nice to wake up together and start in the best way every morning. 

What are the Disadvantages of sleeping with my cat?

Sleeping with your cat can be very important to your relationship, However, sleeping next to your feline can cause some inconveniences. 

Sometimes you cat, Due to the high temperatures in the environment, they can become stressed, therefore being able to scratch you or give you a good bite, they are mostly harmless, but they will interrupt your sleep. 

What's more, cat hair can be a bit annoying, as they can enter your nose or mouth causing allergies and discomfort. 

To a lesser extent, cats can transmit some diseases to humans, being through the hairs, urine, saliva or feces; its form of spread, especially sleeping with your cat slightly increases the chances of suffering a problem. 

Some diseases transmitted by cats are:

  • Mushrooms 
  • Infections 
  • Rage 
  • Scabies 
  • Tub 
  • Lyme's desease 

It should be noted that if you little cat you are suffering from some of these diseases, you shouldn't let him sleep with you, since you will have high chances of catching it. 

How to sleep with my cat safely?

Sleeping with your cat can bring a lot of benefits and some consequences, although you can follow some recommendations to reduce those risks, especially from contracting an illness or sleep problems. 

1. Keep your room in a cool climate

Cats get stressed when they suffer from heat, therefore when sleeping they can release scratches and bites, that is why you should have a conditioned room with a warm temperature. 

2. Avoid being exposed to the Outside

If you little cat has access to the outside, so sleeping with it is not recommended, since they can have different dirt or fungi that can be spread, In addition, most of the diseases that are transmitted from cats to humans are by felines that enter the street or outdoors. 

3. Brush his Coat

We had already told you, that cats shed large amounts of hair, So a correct brushing of your kitten, especially eliminates dead hair and will help you detect any health problems they have on their skin. 

Reasons why your cat wants to sleep with you

You already know some benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with your cat, however, there are a few reasons why you little cat he wants to get on your bed and take a good nap in the company of the person he loves so much. Don't you know them? So let's get started!

He feels comfortable next to you!

We know that cats are very sleepy, especially the laziest they sleep up to 16 hours, therefore, they will always look for different places in the home to take a nap.

Of course! That one of your kitty's favorite places is your bed, Since it is always warm and with clean sheets, it is also very comforting to sleep next to you, either to feel safer or less cold.

It's my bed!

When you own a cat, You should know that what was yours now belongs to your kitten, and one of the reasons why your feline does not leave your bed or always sleeps with you, without a doubt it is because he believes that it is his territory.

So, let's say that your cat is letting you sleep with him, what good partner, right? Well, putting jokes aside, the truth is that the sense of membership Y cat territoriality, of course they are very marked features from birth.

I feel very cold!

Hot climates and cats tend to get along very well, Perhaps you have not noticed that your feline looks for hot places or where among the sun's rays, of course! These are the spaces they like the most to take a nap.

That's why at night, cats look for a warm place that protects them from the cold and feel more secure, and your bed is the best place for that, how not to choose the most comfortable bed in the home with the owner who loves so much. 

To sleep with my cat or not?

If you have paid attention to the previous lines, You may have noticed that the decision to leave your cat or not to sleep with you, It happens for different reasons, however it will always be safer that you assign an exclusive place for him to sleep, however if it is impossible for you to prevent him from riding in your bed, you should pay close attention to both their health and hygiene..

Are you going to sleep with your cat today?, then keep in mind the above considerations, since they will be important for both your cat's health and yours, finally if you want to know more about the behavior and care for your cat, we recommend you visit our other articles. 

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