Is laser good for playing with cats?

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The Internet is full of videos in which we observe how cats chase the light of a laser pointer in his attempt to hunt her down. At first glance it may seem like a game like any other, but, ¿what's good or bad about it? ¿is it an appropriate game or not recommended?

As a result, many theories have arisen, ¿which one is true? In this AnimalWised article we will give you the details that indicate if the laser is good or not to play with cats and what kinds of games are the most beneficial for our feline friends. Read on and discover more about the animal world below:

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Hunting games

The cats are natural predators as are its large relatives: lions or tigers. These animals stalk, chase and ambush their prey, it is part of their natural behavior and they enjoy it. For this reason, hunting games are a great way to develop your inherent habits..

However, in nature animals get a reinforcement that they will never be able to obtain with the use of the laser pointer: the pleasure of getting their prey. For this same reason, if we decide to play with this element we are provoking in our pet frustration.

In the most serious cases we can create a compulsive behavior in the cat that imagines lights and shadows around the house generating a chronic anxiety.

Side effects of laser use

In addition to generating frustration and anxiety in the cat, the use of the laser has other consequences that affect the health of your cat:

  • Behavior changes
  • Damage to the retina
  • Domestic accidents

How should we play with our cat to hunt?

Undoubtedly the most recommended toy to develop the hunting instinct with your cat is the use of the stick with a feather duster. Unlike other toys such as balls, feather dusters or mice, using the stick involves you too, which makes your relationship improve and that the game has much more durability and is more entertaining.

It's a great way to exercise him, to motivate him to play and most importantly: to get his reward, the toy.

Different toys for cats

If you like to play with your cat, do not hesitate to visit our post about toys for cats where you can find up to 7 different types that will probably make him happier than playing with a laser pointer..

Among the most recommended are balls, kongs for cats and other intelligence games. These types of toys will stimulate your mind and make you spend more time entertaining, something that a simple stuffed mouse cannot achieve.

However, remember that each cat is different and that some love to have a stuffed animal with which to play and spend their time.

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