Teach my dog ​​to fetch the ball step by step

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There are many games that we can practice with a dog, but without a doubt, teaching our dog to bring the ball is one of the most complete and fun. Apart from playing with it and strengthening our bond, we are practicing different obedience orders, so it is very interesting to do it on a regular basis.

In this article we will explain in detail and with images, how teach my dog ​​to fetch the ball step by step, getting him to reach out and let go using only positive reinforcement. ¿You dare to practice it?

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The first step will consist of choose the toy that we are going to use to teach him to fetch the ball. Although our intention is to use a ball to collect, our dog may be more attracted to the fresbee or a toy with a specific shape. Of course, avoid using tennis balls, as they damage your teeth.

To start teaching your dog to bring the ball, you will choose your dog's favorite toy, but you will also need sweets and snacks to positively reinforce him when he does well and draw him to you if he is overstimulated and ignores you.


Before starting to practice this exercise, and already in the park or in the chosen place, it will be basic offer you some treats to our dog so that he understands that we are going to work with treats. Remember that they must be very tasty for you to answer correctly. Follow this step by step:

  1. Give him an award and congratulate him with a "very good ".
  2. Take a couple of steps back and reward again.
  3. Keep doing this 3 or 5 more times.

Once your dog has been awarded several times, it is time to start the exercise. We will ask you stand still (For this we will have to have taught him to stop on command), but we can also ask him to sit down if he does not know how to stay still. This will keep you from being extremely eager to play and also help you understand that we are "working"..


When the dog is standing, we will throw the ball to him next to a sign so that it relates correctly. You can change the "seeks" with a concrete gesture with the arm. Remember that both the signal and the verbal command must always be the same, in this way the dog will relate the word to the exercise.


At first, if we have chosen the toy correctly, the dog will go to look for the chosen "ball ", in this case we are practicing with a kong, but remember that you can use the toy that is most attractive to your dog.


Now is the time to call your dog to make the "collection " or delivery of the ball. Remember that, previously, you must practice the exercise of coming to the call, otherwise your dog will go off to play with the ball. Once he is close, we will remove the ball gently and we will reward you, thus reinforcing the delivery of the toy.

At this time we will include the command "let " or "release " so that our dog begins to practice as well delivery of toys or objects. In addition, this order will be very useful for our day to day, being able to prevent our dog from eating something from the street or leaving an object that is nibbling.


Once the exercise is understood, it is time to keep practicing, I already know on a daily or weekly basis, so that the dog finishes strengthening the exercise and we can practice this game with him whenever we want.

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