Most common diseases of fox terriers

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Fox terrier dogs are originally from the United Kingdom, they are small in size and can have straight or wire hair. They are very sociable, intelligent, faithful and also very active dogs, so they need a lot of exercise and are very popular companion animals. In addition, in general, they are dogs with very good health and that do not present important hereditary diseases, but they do have a propensity to suffer some health problems.

For this reason, if you have or are thinking of welcoming a dog of this breed into your home, it is very important that you know various aspects of their life and that you bear in mind that, even if they are in strong health, you should take them to the vet periodically to check their condition. Keep reading this new AnimalWised article and discover the most common diseases of fox terriers.

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  1. Things to keep in mind if you want to foster a fox terrier
  2. The most common health problems in fox terriers
  3. The most common diseases of wire-haired fox terriers

Things to keep in mind if you want to host a fox terrier

Fox terrier dogs do not usually have serious health problems, but they do have certain propensity to develop some diseases and conditions, especially depending on the breeding lines. For this reason, it is very important that you know what are the most common diseases of fox terriers and that, in addition, you previously review the breeding line and that you see the parents to make sure that there are no serious health problems that may be present. hereditary.

In addition, it is very important that you always pay attention to possible changes in the appearance of your furry dog, since anything out of the ordinary will be a sign that your faithful companion needs veterinary attention. It is recommended that, at least, visit the vet twice a year and let's follow the deworming schedule, both external and internal, and vaccination. In this way, you will ensure that you provide the best quality of life for your faithful furry companion..

You must bear in mind that, like most breeds of terrier dogs, these dogs need a lot of daily exercise, since otherwise they can develop anxiety, behavior and some physical problems.

The most common health problems in fox terriers

Some most common diseases of fox terriers, whether they are straight hair or wire hair, they are the following:

Cataracts and lens luxation

Fox terriers are highly prone to cataracts and lens dislocations and subluxations. The cataracts in dogs They occur when the lens becomes opaque due to the breakage of its fibers. This eye condition causes the eye to present a whitish or bluish spot and, although they can be caused by other health problems, cataracts are usually hereditary. Fortunately, there is both treatment and surgery for this condition..

Lens luxation and subluxation It is another eye problem that this breed is easy to suffer from. Lens luxation occurs when the fibers break completely and are completely displaced. On the other hand, when there is a subluxation, the lens is still in its place, only the fibers are partially broken and it is left with some movement. There are cases in which a treatment can be done to improve the state of the lens and alleviate the symptoms and cases that require surgery.


Deafness in this breed it is a condition that mainly affects individuals in which the color white predominates and is a genetic trait. A non-hearing or hearing-impaired dog can lead a completely normal life. If you have a deaf fox terrier, you just have to worry about knowing what the care is for a deaf dog to offer him the best quality of life.

Shoulder dislocation and Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease

The shoulder dislocation in fox terriers it is one of the most common problems that we can see in this breed. It occurs when the head of the humerus is displaced from the cavity that houses it, which can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments of the joint.

The Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, it is less frequent in fox terriers but it also occurs. It is the practically complete degeneration of the hip joint that begins with wear on the head of the femur, causing significant deterioration and inflammation of the joint. It can be detected from a young age and should be treated as soon as possible to relieve symptoms and pain.

Atopic dermatitis

Fox terriers are prone to some skin allergies, allergies in dogs can be due to factors such as food or contact with agents that irritate their skin. In addition, this breed also has a facility for suffering atopic dermatitis which is a problem of inflammation and hypersensitivity of the skin caused by an allergy, it has no cure and only contact with what causes the allergy and treat the symptoms can be avoided.

The most common diseases of wire-haired fox terriers

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, wire-haired fox terriers are prone to other health problems that we must pay attention to if we want to take one in. These are the others Most common diseases of wire-haired fox terriers:

Thyroid diseases

The thyroid hormone imbalances they are one of the problems that occur in wire-haired fox terriers. Hypothyroidism, low thyroid hormone, or hyperthyroidism can occur, the opposite case with an elevated thyroid production. Both can be treated by a veterinarian.


The epilepsy in dogs It is a disease that this breed can suffer. This neural problem once detected must begin to be treated immediately in order to reduce the attacks that they can have. In addition, owners must be involved and know how to act when a crisis occurs and follow all the guidelines of their veterinarian..

This article is merely informative, at we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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