Meeting between a damn bird and a salsicha dog

We all have some friend who is the joker of the group, He is always restless and loves to try to annoy others over and over again, yes, in a loving way. Sounds like you, right? Well, wait to see this video that will make you remember the odd anecdote with your friends.

Animals also have joking friends and this dog was not going to be less. He was so calm taking a walk with his owners and, while waiting for the bus, a singular playmate appeared: A bird of the craziest!

This bird wanted to take advantage of the fact that the dog was not seeing him to appear from behind and try to peck his tail. The dog quickly turns around and the bird turns as if nothing was happening.


A true master of dissimulation!

He does not give up and tries up to three times, filling the patience of the poor dog who was so calm in the street and who did not imagine that he would meet such a restless joker. You will laugh when you see the funny scene between the joker bird and the patient dog. A scene capable of brightening anyone's day.

Summary Article Name This bird tries to play a prank on this dog, do you think he will be discovered? Description Also animals have joking friends and this dog was not going to be less. He was so calm in the street when a most crazy bird appeared! Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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