She doesn't know, but her grandfather is an expert at trolling teens

When we shoot a video, we don't always have everything under control. We cannot be aware of all the details, or count on everything to go without a minimum failure. That's when funny things happen like this. 

The love of this grandfather for his granddaughter, mixed with his sense of humor, make this moment unique. While dancing a version of the famous song "Despacito ", the young Alèxia remains oblivious to everything. Moment that his grandfather Pedro takes advantage of to make you the coolest grandfather in history.

She hadn't anticipated her grandfather's reaction, she might not even expect it, but what this one does exceeds all expectations. It is the best replica we could hope for. Without thinking twice this man begins to imitate his granddaughter behind his back.

His way of dancing It is so funny that more than an imitation it becomes a dance of its own. The union between generations thanks to music and humor. What would you have done if you saw your grandpa trying to dance like you?

The safest thing is that we would have reacted the same as this girl. Moments like this are those that remain in everyone's memory and are told over and over again at dinners and family meals. They are worth living despite what it may mean for adolescents.

Source: Old ’s Popping

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