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The breeding of goldfinches is a very delicate subject since in most countries it is considered a protected bird and the capture, possession or reproduction of females of this species is prohibited. For this reason, you can only enjoy raising animals if they have valid papers confirming their birth in a zoological nucleus approved by the European community..

If you are thinking of raising your goldfinch chicks by hand, it will be very important that you offer them a quality diet appropriate for the species..

Read on and find out how make breeding paste for goldfinches step by step:

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Before starting to make the breeding paste, we must know that goldfinches require a very varied diet and in particular, so if we do not feed our youngsters well, we will probably create important deficiencies that will directly affect their health..

We must also assess the importance of shredding more or less the rearing pasta depending on whether the mother is going to feed the chicks or if we are going to be the ones who provide the food with a syringe. In any case, we will need the following ingredients:

  • Egg
  • Cuttlefish bone
  • Powdered cereals
  • Rusk (baked wheat flour)
  • Olive oil
  • Beer yeast
  • Fruits (apple, pear ...)
  • Insectivorous pasta

In addition, we recommend adding:

  • Yoghurt
  • Honey
  • Turnip (turnip seeds)
  • Omega3 omega6 oils
  • Powdered minerals
  • Powdered vitamins
  • Negrillo
  • White knob
  • Dandelion

You can also add a small teaspoon of garlic powder Y parsley which is an excellent natural anti-parasitic. This is very important to prevent the appearance of intestinal parasites that can cause death in a young pigeon..


The egg will provide our little pigeon with protein as well as the insectivorous pasta, fundamental for the goldfinch. Meanwhile, the eggshell and the cuttlefish bone provide enough calcium to strengthen your bones.

The fruits, Rich in vitamins, they can vary since it is not always the pear and apple that we use to make our breeding pasta. Young shoots, broccoli, peas, figs and even dandelions, a product consumed by wild goldfinches.

The different types of oils They are very beneficial for the development and quality of the plumage as well as for the contribution of healthy and beneficial fats of the goldfinch.

Get the little one used to feeding with seeds It will be very useful for them to get used to them in their adulthood and not have habituation problems. The extras such as vitamins and minerals are appropriate if we want to enjoy a healthy and vigorous adult bird.


The Step by Step To make the breeding pasta is really simple and very easy to follow, for this we propose the following tips, take note:

  1. Put water to boil and add between 2 and 3 eggs, we must wait about 10 minutes until they are completely hard
  2. Prepare in a bowl the mixture of the dry ingredients: the powdered cereals, the rusk, the brewer's yeast, some of the chosen seeds and the insectivorous paste.
  3. With a fine grater we will scrape the cuttlefish bone and the fruits, which we will add to the mixture already prepared in the bowl.
  4. Once the egg is hard, we will crush it with the shell included, rich in calcium.
  5. To finish we will add the yogurt, honey, oil and any extras that we want to add.
  6. We will let it rest until it cools and ¡we already have our mix made!

In principle, the ideal would be that the mother herself will feed the little ones Goldfinch chicks, however, we can also feed them with the use of small syringes so that they can get ahead. If we decide to feed them ourselves, the mother will reject them and then we will have no choice but to continue filling her crop on a regular basis, a task that involves responsibility, constancy and being present practically 24 hours a day.

The crop of the youngest chicks should be filled approximately every 2 hours and as it grows we will space more and more time.

At first it may be a bit difficult for them to relate that now you will be the one to feed them, so they will not open their beaks to receive the new food easily. One trick is to emit whistles similar to that of an adult goldfinch, then it will begin to open its beak and we must be quick to administer the food with a tipless syringe. We will be very careful of do not dirty the plumage or leave remains in the bird's beak. We will clean you if necessary with a cotton swab and water.


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