Fennec fox as a pet

The fennec fox is a beautiful, clean, friendly and affectionate animal that can be tamed very easily. Nevertheless, it is not correct to pretend to adopt this beautiful creature. The fundamental reason is that the animal will die very quickly in the new habitat of our home..

If they survive, they will most likely lead a miserable life, no matter how much love and care we try to provide them. Furthermore, the possession of fennec foxes is illegal in many countries. The main reason is that fennec is an animal native to the Sahara desert and those existing in the Arabian Peninsula..

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  1. The importance of habitat
  2. Fennec fox morphology
  3. Fennec fox habits
  4. The domestic fennec
  5. Enjoy fennec

The importance of habitat

The habitat is essential to draw the master lines of the evolution of the species of fauna and flora that adapt to the environment. And precisely the radicality of the atrocious desert climate It is the main factor that in millennia has shaped the physical structure and customs of the fennec fox.

¿We would have an emperor penguin as a pet in our home? ¿Perhaps we would have a vast rocky frozen at -40º temperature, whipped by endless blinding blizzards? I think it would not be possible. Not even in a zoo can they optimally recreate such a habitat.

In the same way we cannot recreate the desert in our homes. The fennec fox can be an excellent pet in a town near an oasis located in the middle of the desert or on its limits; but all of him, his entire body adapted to survive advantageously in the perpetual Saharan heatwave will degenerate in our temperate climate.

Fennec fox morphology

The fennec fox is the least of the canids, even smaller than a chihuahua dog. Its weight is between 1 and 1.5 kg. And it does not measure more than 21 cm to the withers. An adult fennec does not exceed 41 cm, and its tail measures between 20 and 30 cm. It has furry footpads to avoid being scorched by the burning sand.

However, the physical characteristic that distinguishes it the most from other foxes is its spectacular pair of hyper-developed ears. Such ears have their reason, the first to ventilate the heat accumulated in their small body. Secondly, they serve to capture even the tiniest sound produced by its prey..

The dense fur of the fennec is sand-colored on the back and flanks, being a gray-whitish color on its belly and thinner than on its back..

Fennec fox habits

The fennec fox has nocturnal habits. Their diet consists of rodents, reptiles, insects, eggs, birds, and also fruits such as dates, blackberries and berries. It has a considerable jumping capacity that helps it in hunting and in flight when attacked by predators..

The caracal and the African owls are their main adversaries. Lives in underground burrows (up to 10 meters deep), where the temperature is lower than outside. In nature it lives approximately 10-12 years.

Image from nationalgeographic.com

The domestic fennec

In the case of committing irresponsibility and the big mistake of adopting a fennec fox, because you have seen it in a television advertisement and you find it very "cute ", you should know that fennec is strictly nocturnal. If you confine him in a cage overnight, he will die.

If you let him loose, he will make his life: he will pierce the cushions to hide food or he will make a hole to turn the sofa or an uninhabited mattress into his den and feel comfortable and warm on the iceberg that for him will be your home..

The fennec fox has the ability to drill up to 20 feet of ground per day. If you keep it in a garden, the chances are that it will escape and any dog ​​will kill it. If you have it in a flat it will be worse for him and for you. Fennec has a great jumping capacity and can be climbed on any table or shelf, destroying everything on them.

Enjoy fennec

If you want the fennec fox to be a part of your life, take an interest in him. Read, enjoy watching documentaries, and collect photos of this beautiful animal. So small and at the same time so huge survivor in places where many animals, and even human beings would perish without remission if they tried to emulate him.

Dream about the day that you will be able to travel to the desert, and under the celestial vault most full of stars that you will ever contemplate, you will be able to hear and see the fennec foxes in their natural environment.

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