The trick is working, but his evil partner has other plans

Those of us who have a dog like to teach them to do certain tricks. This comes in handy as it teaches them to focus, keeps them busy, and helps create some discipline for them. This is the case of the leading dog in this video, who stoically endures with a treat on his nose as long as he is not told otherwise..

However, this can get complicated if you have two instead of one dog, and the video is a good example of this. The competition between the two can lead them to boycott each other, as in this hilarious case.

While the first dog endures disciplined, the other appears treacherously with the evil intention of sabotaging his trick and, incidentally, grabbing a delicious treat.

A hilarious video with a situation that is sure to be familiar to you if you have more than one dog at home and you have tried to teach them a trick.

However, who could be mad at him in such a funny situation??

Source: America 's Funniest Home Video

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